1959 Vespa Militare

1959 Vespa Militare
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Registration Number: Italian
Chassis Number: TBA

Messana has been the site of many historical battles over the centuries guarding, situated as it is in the straights between Sicily and the Italian mainland. From the Carthaginians in 280BC right up to the invasion of the Nazi ground and sea troops in the Second World War, this area has been fought over almost constantly. It is little surprise then that the rough terrain needed blue sky thinking when it came to defending towns and the more inaccessible parts of the island.

For quick decisive incursions, Vespa was the ideal vehicle. Reliable, manoeuvrable and cheap, all that was required was a little armourment. As can be seen on this example, a small cannon was incorporated into the front cowling with additional rocket propelled grenades attractively presented in a wicker basket. Stabilisers were used during firing and all was presented in khaki green. Stored for the last 30 years in a Messina military camp, this Militare is in completely original condition with the exception of the cannon that has been de-activated.

Whilst not particularly subtle in today's high-technology world, this Vespa would make a fabulous corporate focal point.

Une tres rare version militaire de la fameuse Vespa. Elle est fournie avec un canon et viens d'une camp militaire. Dans des conditions originales, idéal pour le collecteur sérieux de Vespa.

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