1981 DeLorean DMC-12

1981 DeLorean DMC-12
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Registration Number: URC 652X
Chassis Number: SCEDT26T2BD002498

John Z Delorean's superb track record as a General Motors executive was beyond dispute, and it was in large part this which convinced the British Government to make a huge investment in the plans for the DeLorean Motor Company's Belfast factory, to build a spectacular new sports car. Contrary to popular opinion he very nearly succeeded; the factory got built, the car got developed (with a considerable input from Lotus), and almost nine thousand cars were built, all in the remarkably short period of three years.
The innovative stainless steel body and gullwing doors were well integrated into a strikingly attractive design by legendary Italian stylist Giorgetto Giugiaro; even today a DMC-12 will stop traffic like few other cars. However cash flow issues,poor and a bleak economical climate sales eventually overwhelmed the company, and forced them into receivership in 1982.

Chassis D002498 is a manual transmission example with a black interior, sold new by the Cobb-Kirkland Motor Co. of Montgomery, Alabama, on October 23rd, 1981. It was brought back to the UK in 1986, converted to right-hand-drive (RHD) and road registered in 1988. As one of only around 40 RHD DeLoreans extant, it is extremely rare but, in addition, it is believed to have covered only around 2500 miles in its entire life because it has been dry stored for the majority of the time. It also features a bonnet mounted gas flap and bonnet styling grooves, both of which features are very sought-after among DeLorean enthusiasts.

Although DMC never officially sold cars in the UK, the company were planning to sell worldwide eventually, and this demanded right hand drive, so in October 1981 they approached Andover-based engineers Wooler-Hodec and planned an initial batch of twenty RHD cars. However, DMC went into liquidation when just twelve had been made leaving some parts kits available, and former employees of Wooler-Hodec used these to convert a small quantity of cars. The parts used and the highly professional standard and layout of the conversion suggest this car is one of those.

Having been stored in a dry heated garage from 1998 until, 2013 this DMC 12 was purchased by Ant Anstead and Evanta Motors, then refurbished with help from DeLorean expert Chris Nicholson of PJ Grady Inc. It was felt that a body-off restoration would destroy the car's wonderful patina and originality.

Nontheless, Ant and his team have thoroughly, but sympathetically, re-commissioned it. The gullwing doors now rise serenely on new gas-struts, the brake and fuel systems are entirely new, as are the engine's drivebelts. The refurbished wheels are fitted with new Nankang tyres, and the leather interior was thoroughly treated and brought back to delightfully supple condition, while maintaining its original feel. The stainless steel skin was carefully re-brushed by the experts at PJ Grady and the electrical system was restored.

The result is a rare thing, a properly converted RHD DMC-12 which drives as well as it looks. We expect the car to be much in demand as DeLoreans have become cult vehicles for both car and of course since the celebrated 'Back to Future' movies, film enthusiasts.

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