May 18th at Chiswick House in London will see a bountiful buyer’s bonanza as a large selection of the estate of a gentleman collector will be offered entirely and completely at no reserve whatsoever.

Everything must go to the highest bid in the room on the day.

A dream, winner-take-all scenario with over 120 classic and collectors vehicles, all to be sold on the day. Everything must go!

COYS auctioneer Nick Wells said: “I had the privilege of selling the first part of this amazing collection in Essen for some exceptional prices. This was due to the high quality of the vehicles and the fact that the gentleman collector was a man of exceptional vision and taste. I look forward to selling the next round of this collection in London shortly.”

He added: “It will be a winner takes all no reserve auction and if Essen is anything to go by it will sell extremely well.”

Auctioneer Chris Routledge said: “Part of this collection is a well represented group of military vehicles covering both the Second World war and Cold war period.”

He added:” “I am very excited to be taking this part of the auction. Its like having my very own toy box having been brought up in the 1970’s and now selling some of the military vehicles I remember. Many of them are important and the only survivors of their type.”

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