Registration Number Uk registered
Chassis Number 27289
Year 1979
Make Ferrari
Model BB


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The Ferrari Berlinetta Boxer was produced 1973 and 1984 using a mid-mounted flat-12 engine, replacing the front engined layout Daytona. It was designed by Leonardo Fioravanti and production of the BB was a major step for Enzo Ferrari. He felt that a mid-engined road car would be too difficult for his buyers to handle, and it took many years for his engineers to convince him to adopt the layout. The mid-engined 4-, 6-, and 8-cylinder Dino racing cars were the result, and Ferrari later allowed for the production Dino road cars to use the layout as well. The company also moved its V12 engines to the rear with its P and LM racing cars, but the Daytona was launched with its engine in front. It was not until 1970 that a mid-engined 12-cylinder road car would appear. The 365 GT4/BB was updated as the BB 512 in 1976, resurrecting the name of the earlier Ferrari 512 racer. The engine was larger at 4942cc, had an increased compression ratio of 9.2:1. Horse power was 360bhp and a new dual plate clutch to handle the added power, torque and ease the pedal effort. Dry sump lubrication was used to prevent oil starvation in hard cornering due to revised rear suspension, wider wheels and wider rear tires. External differentiators included a new front spoiler, wider rear tires, four tail pipes and four tail lights.

Only 929 BB models were produced and of that only 101 in right hand drive configuration as offered here with chassis #27289. This fine example was first delivered in the UK on 3rd May 1979, finished in the stunning colour scheme of silver and red hide interior as you see today. In October 1981 #27289 changed hands to its second owner and has remained in his ownership to this day although the V5 records a third owner as at some point it was registered in the vendor’s company name.
Built in March 1979, 27289 was supplied new by Maranello Concessionaries to its first owner, – Mr. P Thorpe on the 20th April 1979 on ‘EE’ or Italian Export Plates allowing its new owner to drive the car home from Maranello back to the UK where on the 3rd of May 1979 it received its UK registration number BPD174T.

Two years later in October 1981, #27289 changed hands to its second owner and remained in his ownership until he passed away in 2013, when in 2013 #27289 was then sold to its current owner on April 17th.

Finished in the stunning colour scheme of silver and red hide interior as you see today, this car has only covered 34,000 miles from new and holds a large history file detailing regular servicing by Ferrari specialists; including a very recent cam belt change and service, various other receipts and sundry documentation as well as the rare and desirable original hand books and tool kit all enhance this already sought after Ferrari.

With values increasing rapidly the 512 BB has been the choice of the connoisseur with long term expectations.

This is a very splendid example, in magnificent factory colours which really make it stand out from the run of the mill Rosso Corsa. This carburetted example is very well known and considered to be one of the finest examples out there. It is known as the Russel Palmer Boxer as it has been owned by Mr. Palmer for so many years. Such is its elevated position amongst all the other RHD Boxers of the period.

So elevated is this position, that when sold for the estate in 2013, it achieved a world record price at the time.