The Spirit of Motoring, Ascot

An Important Auction of Fine Historic Automobiles

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Ascot Racecourse

Date 08 Oct 2016
Time 3PM

Friday 7th October: 12:00PM – 6:00PM
Saturday 8th October: 10:00AM – 3:00PM

Location Ascot Racecourse, Ascot, UK
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The Spirit of Motoring, Ascot 2016 RESULTS

LOT 301

1968 Ford Mustang Coupe

‘The Mustang can be tailored to be anything from a gentle in-town ladies’ car to an impressive 130mph highway performer. Undoubtedly its almost infinitely variable personality is one...

LOT 302

1987 Maserati Bi Turbo 250 Coupe

The all-steel unitary chassis/body was styled in-house and built by Innocenti, part of the De Tomaso empire like Maserati. ZF five-speed manual and three-speed automatic were the two...

LOT 303

1989 Mercedes 500 SEC

The SEC was arguably the best (if not the most charismatic) coupe in the world when it was launched - but then it had a good starting point,...

LOT 304

1954 Sunbeam Alpine

Official Works Demonstrator and Journalist Car

In late 1952 the Rootes Group decided to create a sports design and development team within its subsidiary Sunbeam. It was using an idea from George Hartwell a Bournemouth...

LOT 305

1974 Daimler Double Six Vanden Plas

One former keeper, 47,000 miles from new

From 1972 Jaguar’s 5.3 litre V12 engine was available in the XJ range, and for the Daimler version a name used by the company from 1926 to 1938...

LOT 306

1957 Jaguar XK150 Fixed Head Coupe

“The Jaguar XK150 is undeniably one of the world’s fastest and safest cars. It is quiet and exceptionally refined mechanically,  docile and comfortable... we do not know...

LOT 307

1974 Fiat 130 Coupé

Coachwork by Pininfarina

One of two large coupés styled by Pininfarina in the 1970s, the other being the Rolls-Royce Camargue, the FIAT 130 Coupé was arguably the more successful design. Based...

LOT 308

1964 Renault 8 1300cc 

The Renault 8 (Renault R8 until 1964) and Renault 10 are two rear-engined, rear-wheel drive small family cars produced by the French manufacturer Renault in the 1960s and...

LOT 309

1974 Lamborghini Urraco

27,000 Miles from New

In accordance with their practice of naming their cars after Fighting Bulls, it was fitting that this new, junior, V8 Lamborghini was named ‘Urraco’ which translates as ‘little...

LOT 310

1988 Maserati Bi Turbo 250 Coupe

29,700 miles from new

There is no denying the Biturbo’s style and flair reflect the earliest cars to come from Bologna.’ – Mark Gillies, Autocar.
Maserati’s mainstream model throughout the...

LOT 311

2011 Jaguar XK Convertible

The Jaguar XK is two door grand touring two-seater manufactured and marketed by Jaguar Cars from 1996-2014 in coupé and convertible bodystyles, across two generations. The XK was...

LOT 312

1969 Lotus Elan S4 Drophead Coupé

One owner for 30 years

An Elite-type glassfibre monocoque having proved insufficiently rigid when applied to an open car, Lotus boss Colin Chapman came up with a simple but effective steel backbone frame...

LOT 313

1967 Mercedes-Benz 250SL

Rare Original Right Hand Drive

The Mercedes-Benz W113 roadsters, designed by Paul Bracq, were produced from 1963 through to 1971. They were known as the ‘pagoda roof’ SL. All models boast an inline...

LOT 314

1997 Ferrari 355 Spider

27,000 Miles from New

“Complex, sophisticated, and very fast, it is the quantum leap that has enabled the Ferrari V8 to run in proud parallel with the 456GT and 550 Maranello,” enthused...

LOT 315

1961 Jaguar Mk 2 “Coombs” Specification

The 2.4 saloon of 1955 had been a major step for Jaguar, marking as it did the change from a coachbuilt chassis to one of unitary construction; it...

LOT 316

1962 Rolls-Royce II Drophead Coupé Adaptation by H.J. Mulliner –

Formerly the property of Sir Felix Dennis

Facing increasing competition from faster rivals and with development of its ageing six-cylinder engine nearing its end, Rolls-Royce turned to V8 power as the 1960s approached. The V8...

LOT 317

1978 Bentley T2

Former property of Mr. Chris Evans

Outwardly distinguishable from the Silver Shadow only by virtue of its different radiator and winged ‘B’ mascot, the T-Series Bentley was introduced alongside its Rolls-Royce sibling in 1965....

LOT 318

1973 Jaguar E-Type Series III Roadster

Whilst the concept of the Jaguar E Type was without doubt one of the finest pieces of automotive design ever to be put into general production, one of...

LOT 319

1930 Rolls Royce 20/25 Hooper Sports Saloon

Over the past eight decades the 20/25HP Rolls-Royce has earned an enviable reputation of being among the most dependable, satisfying and highest-quality pre-war models of all. Produced from...

LOT 320

1973 Datsun 240z V8

Launched in 1969, the Datsun 240Z was destined to become the best-selling sports car of the ‘70s. What the badge lacked in romance and cachet, the 240Z more...

LOT 321

1959 “John Bolster” Morris Mini Minor

The Ex Goodwood Journalist Race

John Bolster was a racing driver, commentator and motoring journalist. He was most famous for his “Bloody Mary” special which was a twin-engined JAP powered sprint and hillclimb...

LOT 322

1934 Bentley 3 ½ Litre Vanden Plas Tourer

The Bentleys produced in tandem with Rolls-Royce in the 1930s are commonly referred to as a “Derby,” since they were built in the shared Rolls-Royce and Bentley Motors...

LOT 323

1937 Fiat Topolino

If they dished out Oscars for cuteness, the adorable Topolino would surely be head of the queue. A masterpiece of minimalist engineering, it was the brainchild of Fiat...

LOT 324

1983 Porsche 911 SC

In 1978, Porsche introduced the new version of the 911, called the ‘911SC’. Porsche reintroduced the SC designation for the first time since the 356SC (as distinguished from...

LOT 325

2003 Ferrari 360 F1 Coupé

Just about the only item carried over from the F355 was its glorious V8 engine, enlarged from 3.5 to 3.6 litres for the 360. Equipped with four overhead...

LOT 326

1968 Mercedes-Benz 280SL

In the Spring of 1963, Mercedes-Benz debuted an all-new roadster to replace the 190SL and 300SL- The 230SL. The 230SL ‘Pagoda’ was a stunning Paul Bracq designed two-seat...

LOT 327

1995 Ford Escort RS Cosworth

Intended to spearhead Ford’s international rallying campaign, the Escort RS Cosworth, just like the Lancia Integrale and Subaru Impreza, was a Group A rally car for the road....

LOT 328

1962 Mercedes-Benz 220 Sb ‘Fintail’ Saloon

Introduced at the 1959 Frankfurt Auto Show, the 220 Sb saloon was one of three six-cylinder (W111) models sharing a new up-to-the-minute body style. This trio featured unitary...

LOT 329

1962 Land Rover “Ceremonial”

Some ten years after the original’s introduction it was felt that the time had come to update the Land Rover’s somewhat primitive slab-sided styling. The result was the...

LOT 330

1956 Lamborghini DL 30 Tractor

By now, even casual automotive enthusiasts are familiar with the story of how Ferruccio Lamborghini got involved in the car business in the 1960s. But for those who...

LOT 331

1981 Ferrari 308 GTSi

Coachwork by Scaglietti - Design by Pininfarina - Full Ferrari Service History from new

Ferrari’s line of highly successful V8-engined road cars began with the 308 GT4 of 1973. Badged as a ‘Di-no’, the all-new 308 GT4 2+2 superseded the preceding Dino...

LOT 333

1971 Morgan Plus 8

One owner from new – the first Morgan ever with twin side pipes.

Searching for new engines in the 1960s, Morgan concluded a deal with Rover for supply of its all-aluminium 3.5-litre V8, thus creating a car that combined Vintage-era charm...

LOT 333

1971 Morgan Plus 8

One owner from new – the first Morgan ever with twin side pipes.

Searching for new engines in the 1960s, Morgan concluded a deal with Rover for supply of its all-aluminium 3.5-litre V8, thus creating a car that combined Vintage-era charm...

LOT 334

1987 Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500

Number 263 of 500 and only 37,000 miles from new

Although it offered more than enough performance for most customers, the road version was not considered adequate for racing so a batch of 500 was set aside for...

LOT 335

1964 Jaguar S Type

The Jaguar S Type was a technically more sophisticated development of the Jaguar Mark 2, offering buyers a more luxurious alternative to the Mark 2 but without the...

LOT 336

1975 Cadillac El Dorado

Commencing its production in 1953 the El Dorado was a 10 generation long form of the Cadillac Marque. The nameplate Eldorado is a contraction of two Spanish words...

LOT 337

1967 Mercedes Benz 600 SWB

With a 6.3 litre fuel injected V8 engine producing 300bhp at the wheels, the 600 was capable of over 120mph and 0-60mph in just 9.5 seconds, not bad...

LOT 338

1924 Vauxhall 14/40 M-Type Melton Tourer

Inspiration for the Pixar film ‘Cars’

LOT 339

1978/79 British Touring Car Championship winning Mini 1275 GT Clubman Saloon

Ex Richard Longman

The Mini is an icon of British motoring history and has been equally at home carrying out domestic chores as it has been racing around a track or...

LOT 340

1984 Daimler Double-Six

The Chairman of Jaguar at the time “Lofty” England declared that the new V12 luxury saloon was to be baptized the Daimler Double Six, and so it came...

LOT 341

1975 Range Rover

The Range Rover was greeted enthusiastically by both press and public on its arrival in 1970, offering comfortable cruising at  90mph and a greater off-road capability than...

LOT 342

1980 Hummer H1

Originally designed strictly for military use the four-wheel-drive utility vehicle was released by AM Gernal to the civilian market due to popular demand. Boasting 16 inches (40 cm) of...

LOT 343

1967 Daimler Sovereign

The Daimler Sovereign was introduced at the October 1966 London Motor Show and produced for two years as the ultimate expression of a series of “compact sporting saloons”...

LOT 344

1991 Mercedes-Benz 560 SEL

This very late 1991 model 560 SEL is finished in Silver with a matching Grey leather interior, and as you might expect supplied with all the luxury appointments...

LOT 346

1975 Alfa Romeo Giulia 1300 Super

The Alfa Romeo Giulia (Type 105) is a sports saloon which was produced by Italian car manufacturer Alfa Romeo from 1962 to 1978. Alfa Romeo was one of...

LOT 347

2009 Springer Military ATV

1 of 75 produced – recently returned from the front line in Afghanistan

The Springer is an all-terrain vehicle developed for the UK Army by UK-based Enhanced Protection Systems (EPS). Supporting British troops in Afghanistan, the new vehicle fleet of 75...

LOT 348

2016 Ford GT40 Evocation

‘An original GT40 is priceless, but an equally charismatic alternative is the GTD40. The pair are indistinguishable from five paces, let alone 50, so faithful is GTD’s replica...

LOT 349

1998 Jaguar XK8

From the Reality TV show ‘Made in Chelsea’

The Jaguar XK8 (project code X100) is a grand tourer car that was launched by Jaguar Cars in 1996, and was the first generation of a new XK...

LOT 350

1980 Mini Convertible

One of the most influential automobiles of all time, the Mini debuted in 1959 to universal acclaim, designer Alec Issigonis’ choice of a transverse engine layout resulting in...