Blenheim Palace

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Blenheim Palace Woodstock OX20 1PP UK

Date 29 Jun 2019
Time 10:00 AM - Collectors Items 2:00PM - Motor Cars

Friday 28th June from 9.00am to 6:00pm On the day of the sale from 9:00am to start of sale

Location Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire, UK
Admission Admisson by Catalogue (Admits Two)
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Blenheim Palace 2019 LOT LIST

1966 Fiat 600D

ESTIMATE: £4,000-£5,000

In 1955 FIAT replaced its revolutionary Topolino small saloon, which had been around in one form or another since 1936, introducing the successor ‘600’ model at that year’s Geneva Salon. Historically significant as the first rear-engined FIAT, the 600...

2007 BMW M5 Estate

ESTIMATE: £18,000-£21,000

One of only just over 200 E61 M5 tourings sold in the UK. To this day, the V10 E61 remains the only M5 Touring sold in the UK. The 5.0 V10 motor delivers 507bhp, power delivery is relentless, a truly magnificent engine, with...

1958 Chevrolet Sedan Delivery

ESTIMATE: £15,000-£20,000

For 1958, Chevrolet models were redesigned longer, lower, and heavier than their 1957 predecessors. The first ever production Chevrolet big block V8, the 348 cu in (5,700 cc), was now an option. Chevrolet’s design for the year fared better...

1996 Mercedes-Benz 300 GEL

ESTIMATE: £20,000-£25,000

The Mercedes-Benz G-Class or G-Wagon, short for Geländewagen (cross-country vehicle), is characterised by its boxy styling and body-on-frame construction. It uses three fully locking differentials, one of the few vehicles to have such a feature. The G-Class is still...

1999 Pilgrim Cobra

ESTIMATE: £18,000-£25,000

The AC marque is inextricably linked with the timelessly stylish bodies utilised by Carroll Shelby and married with 260ci and 289ci Ford small block engines to produce one of the most desirable and capable sports cars in motoring history....

1995 BMW 840Ci

ESTIMATE: £8,000-£10,000

The wonderfully dramatic BMW 8 Series Coupé was launched at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1989 and positively bristled with innovations, as befitted the flagship model from the makers of “the ultimate driving machine”. Luxuriously trimmed inside and packed...