Blenheim Palace

An Important Auction of Fine Historic Automobiles Featuring The Jaguar Legend

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Blenheim Palace, Woodstock, Oxfordshire, OX20 1PX

Date 30 Jun 2018
Time 2:00PM

Friday 29th June from 9.00am to 6:00pm
On the day of the sale from 9:00am to start of sale

Location Blenheim Palace, UK
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Blenheim Palace 2018 RESULTS

LOT 301

Volkswagen Golf GTi Mk1 Sportline

The body of the Golf Cabriolet did not change through the entire production run except for a larger fuel tank. The space saver wheel was fitted from the outset...

LOT 302

1990 Range Rover Vogue 3.9L – No Reserve

Offered for sale is a 3.9L 1990 Range Rover Vogue V8 automatic that has been with the current owner for over five years as part of his collection. In...

LOT 303

1968 VW Beach Buggy

'As with most aspects of the VW scene, there is a significant amount of speculation and debate relating to models. There will always be the originals and the imitators,...

LOT 304

2000 Bristol Blenheim 3

Bristol's long line of Chrysler V8-engined sports saloons began in 1961 with the launch of the 407, though in both styling and running gear the newcomer closely resembled the...

LOT 305

1978 Volkswagen Beetle Cabriolet

One of the 20th Century’s truly great automobiles, the Volkswagen ‘Beetle’ spawned a host of derivatives, the longest enduring being the Cabriolet. A single prototype was built pre-war, but...

LOT 306

1988 BMW 635 CSI

The E24 6 series was produced from 1976-1989 and was the replacement for the CS and CSL E9 coupes. Like the E9 coupes, the early bodies of the 6...

LOT 307

C. 1959 Fiat 1100 Berlina

Fiats first started producing cars in 1899 and have some of the most interesting history of any manufacturer with a reputation for style and grace as opposed to...

LOT 308

1979 Ford Capri Ghia

The Ford Capri was designed to be the Ford Mustang of Europe. A mind boggling array of options meant that the Capri could be whatever you wanted it to...

LOT 309

1994 Porsche 968 Cabriolet

The Porsche 968 was made from 1992 to 1995 and was the final evolution of a line of water-cooled front-engined, rear wheel drive models begun almost 20 years earlier...

LOT 310

1970 Mercedes-Benz 300SEL 6.3 Saloon

The 300 SEL 6.3 was Mercedes-Benz's fastest and most opulent full-sized executive saloon car of the late 1960’s and early 70’s. The model started out as a private...

LOT 311

1953 Austin Healey BN1 100/4 Le Mans Specification

Healey was well aware that he needed a car that could be built in larger numbers and sold at a lower price in the rapidly emerging sports car market...

LOT 312

1979 Aston Martin V8 Volante

Described by former Aston Martin Chairman Victor Gauntlett as, ‘a stylish thoroughbred, beautifully built, luxurious, fast and immensely safe,’ the V8 was built in several variants, one of the...

LOT 313

1995 MG R V8

1,100 Miles documented from new

In 1992, 12 years after the last MG sports car had rolled off the Abingdon production lines, Austin-Rover made the inspired decision to revive this most charismatic of British...

LOT 314

2004 Ferrari 360 Spider to Challenge Stradale Specification

Ferrari’s most successful model since the 308, the F355 was always going to be a tough act to follow. Its successor needed to be ground breaking and revolutionary; two...

LOT 315

1974 Ferrari 365GT 2+2

By the mid-1960s, 50 percent of all Ferraris produced were being built with four seats. Third in this succession of ‘family Ferraris’ was the 365GT 2+2, which made its...

LOT 316

1949 Allard M-Type Drophead Coupé

The M Type was one of Sidney Allard's most successful models in the post-war era,  with around 500 produced over a five year period;  the most popular version was...

LOT 317

1973 AC Cobra by Roadcraft

This wonderful recreation of the iconic AC Cobra was built by speacilists Southern Roadcraft in 1996. Endowed with the hi-output 350ci Chevy 5.7-litre V8 with 4 barrel Holley carburettors...

LOT 318

1987 Porsche 911 Cabriolet

Porsche revived the Carrera name – previously used for the competition orientated versions of the preceding 356 model – for its luxuriously equipped, top-of-the-range 911 in 1973, applying...

LOT 319

1965 Ferrari 330 GT 2+2 Series II

The 330 GT 2+2 was launched at the Brussels Motor Show in January 1964 as an intended replacement for the successful 250 GTE. It was powered by the 209...

LOT 320

1995 Ferrari 456

Not since the 412's demise in 1989 had Ferrari offered a '2+2'. The 456 GT debuted at the Paris Salon in October of 1991 and although new from stem...

LOT 322

1967 Fiat Abarth 595

After leaving Cisitalia in 1948, Austrian-born engineer Carlo Abarth set up as an independent in Turin. From producing induction and exhaust systems, Abarth branched out into selling performance kits...

LOT 323

1999 TVR Griffith 500

The TVR Griffith was the car that pushed TVR into the big league of performance car manufacturers when it was unveiled in 1990. The wedge-shaped cars of the eighties...

LOT 324

1960 Austin Healey 100/6 BN7 2 Seater

After a really gruelling road test, I can say that this new sports model is ideal for Continental touring. It also stood up to lap after lap of the...

LOT 325

1959 Lotus Elite

Fitted with its original engine & offered with a vast assportment of spare parts

With the Lotus 14 of 1959 – better known as the Elite – Colin Chapman demonstrated that his skills as a racing car designer and constructor could just as...

LOT 326

2000 BMW Z8 Roadster

The BMW Z07 concept car, first shown at the Tokyo Motor Show in October 1997, blossomed from a dream into a production reality. Production of the BMW Z8...

LOT 327

1990 Ferrari Mondial Cabriolet T

The final Mondial evolution was 1989’s Mondial T (Coupe and Cabriolet). It was a substantially changed model, “spearhead of a new generation of V8 Ferraris”, according to Road &...

LOT 328

1985 VW Golf Cabriolet

The VW Golf is surely one of the most iconic ‘hot-hatches’ ever conceived. Its popularity has never diminished and a plethora of variants and styles have always been...

LOT 329

1972 Datsun 240Z

Extensive History File - Original UK Car

It soon became apparent during its creation, that the Datsun 240Z represented all the requirements of sports-minded drivers by fulfilling their desires for superb styling, power and safety whilst...

LOT 330

1975 VW High-Top Camper

25,000 miles from new

Known officially as the Volkswagen Type 2 and depending on body type, either as a Transporter, Kombi or Microbus, this VW was also known informally as the Bus...

LOT 331

1988 Porsche 959 Comfort

Conceived in the early 1980’s as a four-wheel-drive Group B competitor that would showcase Porsche’s advanced automotive technology, the 959 was first displayed in ‘concept car’ form at...

LOT 332

2005 Aston Martin Vanquish S

Developed from the 1998 Project Vantage concept car, the V12 Vanquish entered production in 2001. The Vanquish marked a large step in the company’s engineering featuring a bonded aluminium...

LOT 333

1972 Ford Escort Mexico


The Ford Escort, in the hands of the Works Rally team, was practically unbeatable in the late sixties and seventies. Perhaps their most notable early success was winning the...

LOT 334

2002 Ferrari 360 Spider

Ferrari’s most successful model since the 308, the F355 was always going to be a tough act to follow. Its successor needed to be ground breaking and revolutionary;...

LOT 335

1966 Daimler 250 V8

The Daimler V8 250 is such an assured sports saloon that it seems remarkable that it was created almost by chance. Jaguar's principal motive in purchasing Coventry neighbours Daimler...

LOT 335A

1994 Porsche 964 Turbo

Designed by Benjamin Dimson in 1986, and sold between 1989 and 1994, the 964 featured significant styling revisions over previous 911 models; most prominently, the more integrated bumpers....

LOT 336

1951 Jaguar Mark VII Special

Ex-Jools Holland

The Jaguar Mk VII was launched in 1950 and production carried on until the introduction of the Mk VII M in 1954. The ‘M' cars could be distinguished...

LOT 337

1964 Jaguar Mark II 3.8 Saloon

Rarely do cars given a facelift look as good as the models they are intended to replace, but with the Mark 2,...

LOT 338

1952 Jaguar XK120 Fixedhead Coupé

The Jaguar XK120 was manufactured by Jaguar between 1948 and 1954 and was Jaguar's first post-war sports car, succeeding the SS 100 which ceased production in 1940. The XK120...

LOT 339

1959 Jaguar XK150 Roadster

‘The Jaguar XK150 is undeniably one of the world’s fastest and safest cars. It is quiet and exceptionally refined mechanically, docile and comfortable… we do not know of any...

LOT 340

1962 Jaguar E-Type Series I 3.8 Roadster

This wonderful example was first delivered new to Henlys of London in July of 1962.  The first owner, a british diplomat based in Paris.

In current ownership...

LOT 341

1957 Jaguar XK140 Roadster

When the XK140 was announced in 1954 it was essentially a Mk II version. It retained the excellent dynamics of the XK120 and its superb level of appointment and...

LOT 342

1967 Jaguar E-Type Series 1 4.2 Coupe

One of the greatest post-war sports cars, Jaguar’s E-Type made immediate headlines on its launch in March 1961. Here was a sleek and beautiful 150mph car with a...

LOT 343

1958 Jaguar XK 150 S 3.8 Roadster

'The Jaguar XK150 is undeniably one of the world's fastest and safest cars. It is quiet and exceptionally refined mechanically, docile and comfortable... we do not know of any...

LOT 344

1973 Jaguar E-Type V 12 Roadster

It was in 1971 that Jaguar introduced the Series III of their 20th Century classic E-Type, with the Walter Hassan/Harry Mundy-developed 5.3-liter SOHC V12 engine which became an industry...

LOT 345

1954 XK140 Roadster

Newly introduced for 1955, the Jaguar XK140 was broadly similar to, though more refined than, its sensational XK120 predecessor, major engineering changes being confined to the repositioning of the...

LOT 345A

1969 Mercedes-Benz 280SL ‘Pagoda’

In the Spring of 1963, Mercedes-Benz debuted an all-new roadster to replace the 190SL and 300SL- The 230SL. The 230SL ‘Pagoda’ was a stunning Paul Bracq designed two-seat convertible...

LOT 346

1968 Jaguar E-Type Series 1.5 Roadster

In 1965, the E-Type was treated to a number of evolutionary upgrades. The engine was enlarged to 4.2 liters, and while the rated horsepower was no higher the...

LOT 347

Jaguar XK120 Roadster

Jaguar XK120 caused an absolute sensation when it was launched at the 1948 Motor Show. In the post-war era of rationing, general austerity and hardship it came as...

LOT 348

1962 Jaguar E-type Series 1 Flat Floor Roadster

'If Les Vingt Quatre Heures du Mans has been responsible for the new E-Type Jaguar, then that Homeric contest on the Sarthe circuit will have been abundantly justified....

LOT 349

1960 Jaguar XK150S Fixed Head Coupe

Fitted with original 3.8 litre engine

Introduced in the spring of 1957, the XK150 was available at first only in fixed and drophead coupé forms, the open roadster version not appearing until the following...

LOT 350

1970 Jaguar E-type Series II Roadster

The first significant up-grade of Jaguar's sensational E-Type sports car occurred in October 1964 with the launch of the 4.2-litre version. Along with the bigger, torquier engine came...

LOT 351

1959 Jaguar XK150 Drophead Coupe

The bleak years after 1945 were, not surprisingly, an era when great sports cars were somewhat thin on the ground. A shining exception was the mighty Jaguar XK series,...

LOT 352

1962 Jaguar E-Type 3.8 Fixed Head Coupe – No Reserve

Introduced in 3.8-litre form in 1961, the Jaguar E-Type caused a sensation when it appeared, with instantly classic lines and 150mph top speed. Its design owed much to that...

LOT 353

1964 Jaguar Mark II 3.4

Although the Mk I was a great success, selling four times as many as the larger Jaguar saloons, Jaguar boss William Lyons was not content. He knew it...

LOT 354

1964 Daimler 250 V8

Jaguar’s principal motive in purchasing Coventry neighbours Daimler had been the acquisition of much needed production capacity without the expense of constructing on a distant ‘green field’ site....

LOT 355

1972 Jaguar D Type by Realm Engineering

Realm Engineering of Honeybourne in Worcestershire has built up a fine reputation over almost four decades for its RAM recreations. In particular, their Jaguar D-types which benefitted from chassis...

LOT 356

1968 Daimler Sovereign 420

The Daimler Sovereign was introduced at the October 1966 London Motor Show, and produced for two years as the ultimate expression of a series of ‘compact sporting saloons’...

LOT 357

1969 Jaguar E-Type Series 2 2+2

This wonderful example was first registered in June 1969 and is presented in its original Carmen Red colour with tan / beige leather interior, this 2+2 it is one...

LOT 358

1978 Daimler Double Six DHC

From 1972 Jaguar’s 5.3 litre V12 engine was available in the XJ range, and for the Daimler version a name used by the company from 1926 to 1938 was...

LOT 359

1986 Ferrari Mondial Cabriolet

The Mondial saw Ferrari return to Pininfarina as its choice of styling house, and it was sold as a mid-sized Coupé and, eventually, a Cabriolet. Conceived as a...

LOT 360A

1985 Porsche 930 Carrera by RAUH-Welt BEGRIFF

Group 4 homologation rules, which required 400 road cars to be built before F.I.A approval for international racing was granted, led to the creation of ‘Project 930’ –...

LOT 360

1974 Citroen SM

‘Project S’ emerged from Citroën’s requirement to develop a sports variant of the revolutionary DS. As was customary for the quirky French firm, many running concept vehicles were...

LOT 361

1983 Rolls-Royce Silver Spur

The Silver Spirit was introduced by Rolls-Royce in 1980 as the first of a new generation of company models. It formed the basis for the Flying Spur, Silver...

LOT 362

1972 Mercedes-Benz 600 SWB

The Mercedes-Benz 600, introduced in September 1964, continued the tradition of the pre-war Grosser 770K which had been so popular with the highest echelons of the German society:...

LOT 363

1962 Daimler Ferret

Faced with the requirement to update its light armored vehicles post-WWII, the British Ministry of Defence turned to the Daimler company. Development began in 1949 and the resulting...

LOT 364

1994 Ferrari 348 Spider

Introduced in 1989 as a replacement for the very successful 328 series, the 348 production line ran until 1995, when the 355 took its place. Late in 1993...

LOT 365

1968 Mercedes-Benz 280SL

'Some cars don't change, they just get better. The Mercedes-Benz 280SL, latest version of a line that began as the 230SL in 1963, is the same as ever, just...

LOT 366

1998 AC Cobra 427 Mark III

the 7th of 11 produced by AC Cars

For many people the AC Cobra will always be the sports car which symbolises the 1960’s. The Cobra’s ancestry went back to 1954, with the advent of the AC...

LOT 367

1960 BMW Isetta 300

One of the more successful designs of the cabin scooter’s heyday was the BMW Isetta, a model the German firm manufactured under license from its Italian originator, Iso (the...

LOT 367A

1986 Peugeot 1.9 205 Gti Phase 1

The King of the hot hatches. Volkswagen may have started the GTI craze in 1976, but many still consider the Peugeot 205 GTI as the greatest of them all. ...

LOT 368

1970 Fiat Abarth 695 Esseesse Corsa

Abarth began in business, like so many other motoring concerns in post-war Italy, modifying small capacity cars from Fiat. When the latter introduced the Nuova 500, and then the...

LOT 368A

1977 Porsche 911 S

After 1973, it was decided that the 2.4 litre wasn’t really fast enough for the 911, with the impending American emissions standards threatening to slow the model down to...

LOT 369

1964 Aston Martin DB5

This matching numbers example of the legendary Aston Martin DB5 is in superb condition throughout, having benefited from extensive expenditure in recent years. In honour of the model’s...

LOT 370

C. 1957 MGA Fixed Head Coupe

For the debut of its new MGA in 1955, MG wisely chose that year’s Le Mans 24 Hour race. After a succession of open-wheeled models there were fears...

LOT 371

1965 Fiat 500

Founded in 1920 by the Giannini brothers – Attilio and Domenico – as a garage, the company began tuning the little FIAT 500 Topolino in the 1930s and secured...

LOT 372

1957 Bentley S1 Standard Steel Saloon

Bentley came back into the post-war luxury car market with the Mark VI, basically a refined and modernised version of the 4 1/4 litre of the 1930s; it was...

LOT 373

1996 Bentley Continental R


Bentley’s 1980s resurgence had hitherto relied exclusively on models whose basic architecture was shared with other Rolls-Royce products; but on display at Geneva in 1985 was Project...

LOT 374

1947 MG Y-Type Saloon

One registered keeper from new

MG's first post-war saloon, the Y-Type employed the advanced features of a coil-spring independent front suspension and rack-and-pinion steering, both of which would later appear on the TD...

LOT 375

1974 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow

One registered keeper from new

The Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow was a luxury saloon car built from 1965 until 1980 and was the first Rolls-Royce to be constructed using a monocoque chassis and, to...

LOT 376

1999 Ferrari F355 Spider

“Complex, sophisticated, and very fast, it is the quantum leap that has enabled the Ferrari V8 to run in proud parallel with the 456GT and 550 Maranello,” enthused Car...