Lot 145 - 1912 Cadillac ‘Torpedo’

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Auction The Brundza Collection, Maastricht January 2015
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Lot Number 145
Reg. Number EU Taxes Paid
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Year 1912

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The tailfins which were to be the hallmark of Cadillac styling throughout the fifties were first seen on the 1948 models; the inspiration was of course the P38 Lightning which had helped win World War II. The following year GM announced the first two door hard top the first such model to be known as the Coupe deVille, a name which survived for the next twenty years. A new power plant was also unveiled a smooth, potent V8 which dramatically improved performance along with power interestingly, fuel consumption. The engine benefitted from design innovations and improvements with the result that the engine was a remarkable 200 lbs lighter, five inches shorter and four inches lower than the model it replaced.

The series 75 was Cadillac’s largest and most luxurious offering for the season. The big news was the new engine and a handsome re-revised dashboard, still impressive sixty years later. Top of the line for Cadillac was the Series 75 Imperial Limousine, designed to be the last word in luxury, with an eye watering list price for the time of $5,170, which inevitably resulted in sales of only 626 units for 1949.

Today’s delightful example is finished in Embassy Black, with a sumptuous interior upholstered in Taupe fabric, which features twin occasional seats and all the luxury gadgets expected by a Cadillac buyer. American cars of this era remain as impressive as they were always intended to be, with the distinct advantage that these post-war cars are very drivable as well with the silky V8 well matched to the excellent Hydramatic automatic gearbox.

This is a very handsome and well preserved specimen of what was always a rare car and is now even more so. Its condition indicates careful and sparing use and the car will provide be an impressive ornament to any collection.


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