1924 Amilcar CC

Recorded with the Amilcar Salmon Register


The 4-cylinder 903cc Amilcar CC appeared in 1922, with a wheelbase of just 2,320 mm (91 in). The CC subsequently became available in two further versions; the Amilcar C4 was a slightly longer sports car, while the CS, introduced in 1924,[1] was a brisker sports version with the engine size increased to 1004 cc. The side-valve engine had splash lubrication, and came with a three-speed gearbox. The most famous model of all was the CGS “Grand Sport” of 1924; this featured a 1074 cc sv engine and four-wheel brakes. This in turn evolved into the more sporty CGSS “Grand Sport Surbaissé”. These models were built under license in Germany (as the Pluto) and in Austria (as the Grofri) and in Italy (as Amilcar Italiana). The marque entered automobile racing in the mid-1920s with a batch of supercharged dohc 1100 cc six-cylinder cars that used a roller bearing crankshaft in the full racing version; these vehicles were also available with plain metal bearings, driven by famous race driver André Morel.

The Amilcar CC was a light sporting car produced by the French Amilcar company from 1922 to 1925. It was powered by a 903 cc four-cylinder, side-valve engine generating 18 bhp. This 1924 Amilcar CC was built some two years into production of the popular and enduring Amilcar CC model by manufacturer Aurtomobiles Amilcar, 35 Rue de Chemin Vert, Paris, and this is confirmed by the register.

Like many pre-war cars of this period from the 1920s, it was an export model, and has spent all of its life in the dry benign climates of continental Australia, prior to returning to the UK earlier in this decade.

Amilcars of any and all types and specifications were rare and groundbreaking cars, with certain models very much on a par with, perhaps even superior to their domestic French stablemate Bugatti. An opportunity to purchase such a definitive vintage sporting motor car is unusual, despite the fact that the Amilcar brand has not existed at any point in the curreny century or beyond, the name itself still resonates with car collectors and enthusiasts of all types. There can be no further testament to its legend than that. The car is offered with UK V5 registration document, the extract confirming the car from the aforementioned register, and other sundry documents and paperwork.

ESTIMATE £14,000- £16,000

Auction London Classic Car Show 2020
Auction Date 22nd February 2020
Day of Auction Day 1 - Saturday

lot details

Lot Number 122
Registration Number UK Registered
Chassis Number 4876
Year 1924
Make Amilcar
Model CC

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