Lot 226 - 1927 Alvis TG 12/50 Open Tourer

Same family ownership for 54 years

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Auction Ascot Racecourse May 2015
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Lot Number 226
Reg. Number WL 3073
Chassis Number 5501
Year 1927

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The Alvis 12/50 was introduced in 1923 and went through a series of versions, with the last ones being made in 1932. A range of factory bodies could be specified in two- or four-seat form, with either open or closed bodies.

The first models were designated SA and SB and had a 1496 cc 4-cylinder overhead valve engine. The engines of these early cars were carried in a subframe bolted to the relatively slender ladder chassis. The SA usually carried two-seat bodywork; often the classic so-called “duck’s back” style named after its pointed rear end, which was said to resemble that of a duck. The SA and SB 12/50s were built with brakes on the rear wheels only. All the 12/50s had a four speed non-synchromesh gearbox with right hand change.

A new stronger chassis was designed and used for the TE of 1926, which had its engine (now built around a redesigned crankcase) enlarged again to 1645 cc, and the TF of the same year which retained the smaller 1496 cc version. A single-plate clutch replaced the previous cone type, and for these and all subsequent 12/50s the engine was bolted directly to the chassis, dispensing with the subframe of previous models. From the TE and TF models onwards four-wheel brakes were fitted as standard.

The TE and TF were superseded in 1927 by the TG and SD with large and small engines respectively. The TG was the standard ‘touring’ model, while the SD – powered by the 1496cc engine, now fitted with a large-port cylinder head – satisfied the needs of the sporting motorist. Also available in this year was the TH, which had the gearbox and rear axle ratios of the ‘touring’ TG, but the sub-1500cc engine of the SD. The TG and SD models were available until 1929.

In the ownership of two brothers for the past 54 years, this fine example was manufactured on 31st August 1927 and fitted with the desirable 1645cc engine. In the late 1970s/80s the body work was replaced with an attractive aluminium Beetleback pattern coachwork, finished to a very high standard while retaining many original features including amongst other items original dials and gauges, headlights, radiator and steering wheel. The car boasts a tan interior and a “dickie” seat for occasional passengers and a rear mounted spare. The owner informs us “the Alvis has given much pleasure and reliability in our hands over a long period, but with advancing years we feel it is time to call it a day and part with our lovely car and reluctantly offer it for sale for future owners to enjoy the thrills and fun of vintage car motoring”. This charming car is offered with a V5 document and is a lovely example and ready to be enjoyed by its next custodian for another half century.


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