1928 Buick Master Six


Under the stewardship of General Motors’ President William C. Durant, Buick production rose dramatically. The company introduced its first 6-cylinder car in 1914 and for a period in the 1920s the range would consist entirely of sixes. A detachable cylinder head, strengthened chassis and axles, and 4-wheel brakes were new introductions on the 6-cylinder line for 1924, the last year of Buick’s base-model four. Replacing the latter for 1925, the Standard Six boasted a new, overhead-valve engine displacing 191cu in and producing 50bhp, while the larger Master Six came with a 255cu in, 70bhp unit. The duo was restyled for 1926 and given larger engines of 207 and 274cu in respectively and continued almost unaltered throughout 1927. For this season, the cars were visibly distinguishable by their slightly rounded radiator edges and on Fisher bodies such as this car, a dual swage molding.

It was at this point that the Buick received the attention of rising star Harley Earl. Earl’s mammoth contributions to General Motors’ looks had begun with the LaSalle then the glorious post-1928 Cadillacs. He was on a roll when he began work on the new Buick line up, under the command of one of its most dynamic leaders, Harlow “Red” Curtice. Curtice saw that Buick’s slide was induced by complacency and their styling was looking old-fashioned, also he was keen to revamp the cars in an effort to purge unnecessary weight and to improve their performance.

Imported to Germany in 2011 the car was subsequently restored to the beautiful condition that it is in today. Of course, provided with German papers and ready to be drive away by its new custodian. Fitted with optional extras of wooden spoke wheels that are in very good condition as well as an external sun visor. 

Sold For €28,990

Auction Schloss Dyck 2018
Auction Date 4th August 2018
Day of Auction N/A

lot details

Lot Number 119
Registration Number German Registered
Chassis Number 1965755
Year 1928
Make Buick
Model Master Six

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