1926 Packard 326 Sedan


From the beginning, through and beyond the 1930s, Packard-built vehicles that were perceived as highly competitive among high-priced luxury American automobiles. The company was commonly referred to as being one of the “Three P’s” of American motordom royalty, along with Pierce-Arrow of Buffalo, New York and Peerless of Cleveland, Ohio. The marque was highly competitive abroad, with markets in 61 countries. Gross income for the company was $21,889,000 in 1928. In the 1920s, Packard exported more cars than any other in its price class, and in 1930, sold almost twice as many abroad as any other marque priced over $2000. In 1931, 10 Packards were owned by Japan’s royal family. Such was their reputation that during WW2 they manufactured the Rolls-Royce Merlin engine under licence, the only company allowed to do so outside of Rolls-Royce themselves.

The 1926 Third Series was Packard’s six-cylinder line. Offered on two wheelbase lengths, the Model 326 (126-inches) and the Model 333 (133-inches), there was a wide selection of bodies available, all powered by a 4.5-ltre L-head in-line six rated at 60hp. Supplied new in 1926 to a Miss Anna Dickman of Cincinnati, Ohio, this 326 spent at least some of its time in Washington DC as Miss Dickman worked for the Whitehouse. In her 24-year ownership she only covered 17,000 miles in the car before trading it in with a dealer who in turn sold it to Packard collector Col John Gault, in whose ownership it remained until his collection was sold at auction in Kentucky in 1979.

By the time the car came to England in 1996, it still had only 17,500 miles under its wheels and since then another 5,000 miles have been added, meaning this Packard has covered a mere 22,000 miles in total. Overall the car is said to be in good condition, with the patina and interior both being described as excellent. Supplied with the original operator’s license with Miss Anna Dickman’s details, this wonderful historic automobile also comes with a quantity of spares including the original carburettor and distributor. Starting instructions are included and the engine is said to tick over very nicely. A rare car that when produced was an object of great luxury and available here at a very reasonable price.

Sold For £11,150

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lot details

Lot Number 136
Registration Number UK Registered
Chassis Number 76570
Year 1926
Make Packard
Model 326 Sedan

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