1929 Morgan Aero Three Wheeler

In previous ownership for over 50 years


The Morgan Three Wheeler was designed by the Morgan Motor Company in 1910, and built at their Malvern Link factory.

It was an extremely well-engineered, reliable and successful vehicle which made motoring affordable for many more than previously. It was designed by the company founder, Harry Morgan.

A powerful engine and simple transmission were fitted into a lightweight chassis and body and this became known as the one of the first ‘Cyclecars’. Following the launch of the car, Harry Morgan entered the MCC London to Exeter trial, where his performance won him a Gold Medal. The car then went on to reliability trials and broke records at the Brooklands Autodrome. The car remained in production for many years, with a 4-seater Family Runabout being introduced later.

Throughout the 1920s, Morgans achieved great success in racing, to such an extent that at Brooklands they were required to start a lap behind four wheeled cars in the same class! The car was equally successful in hill trials.

In 2011, sixty years after the last Morgan Three-Wheeler was built, it was re-launched by Morgan and these cars have proved extremely popular both in the UK and for export.

This car, UW 2563, has been in the same family ownership for fifty-two years. It is a 1929 Morgan Aero with a dog-eared overhead valve JAP 1,100cc Twin engine No LTOW/I 82509/LJ, 2 speed transmission, and is offered with no reverse!

The Chassis is No 2189. The oil system is known as Total Loss as after starting the engine the drip-feed into the engine is adjusted and excess oil is dripped out on to the road. It has a cone clutch, which has to have just the right amount of grease, and the hand throttle is on the steering wheel. There are two pedals on the floor: clutch and brake. The foot brake operates on the rear wheel and the hand brake operates on the two front wheels. A starter motor was fitted to the car in 2012.

This is a wonderful piece of motoring history and is a fun and exhilarating to drive. These are rare machines and are not often seen on the road – only modern equivalents which are nothing compared to the thrill of a Jap V Twin on full song! Not to be missed.

ESTIMATE £23,000- £28,000

Auction Spring Classics
Auction Date N/A
Day of Auction N/A

lot details

Lot Number 133
Registration Number UK Registered
Chassis Number 2189
Year 1929
Make Morgan
Model Aero Three Wheeler

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