1940 Cadillac Series 75 Formal Sedan by Fleetwood


Cadillac was awarded the Dewar Trophy in 1908 for the impressive feat of demonstrating its precision engineering and manufacturing by completely dismantling three identical cars, re-assembling them and successfully running them at the Brooklands race track in the UK. It was the first time that an American manufacturer had ever been given the prize. From its first car in 1902 through the twenties, Cadillac’s were known for their mechanical ingenuity and high build quality.


As the Depression gathered strength, the luxury automobile manufactures engaged in a competition to develop ever more sophisticated and refined cars for a shrinking pool of buyers who could afford to indulge in such machines.


The 1940 models showed this off to great advantage. Offered in five series and no fewer than eight body styles, Cadillac aimed to have just the right product for each of its well-to-do potential clients. Most impressive of course were the Town Car and Formal Sedans, limousines designed for people who were to be driven rather than drive.

Fleetwood was Cadillac’s in-house coachbuilder, although very little custom building was taking place by 1940. All 1940 cadillac series 75’s were powered by Cadillac’s legendary V-8 powerplant that developed 135 horsepower from its 346 cubic-inch V8 block, these models featured new grille styling and 1940 was the last year Cadillac offered side-mounted spare tires. Any Cadillac limousine of this period is an important car, and certainly worth preserving.

This particular example is nothing but a truly well preserved and highly original series 75 fleetwood formal sedan, something of great rarity, which must make this one of a very limited number of these cars in such original condition, still around. Its price new of $3995, made it one of the most expensive body styles available at the time by Cadillac, and one of a total of 956 cars to be produced by Cadillac in this model year. The clean modern lines of the Fleetwood-bodied 75 have stood the test of time and become truly classic. The expensive-when-new Formal Sedan Models were purchased by only a select group of wealthy individuals. The car that is available to you here today, retains its original green leather interior up front, and cloth upholstered rear seats which provide this car with such a period feel and character that you cannot find with newly restored cars. With the flexibility of having use of two rear facing ‘dickie’ seats, this car is one that can be enjoyed by the entire family, and yet also prove to be a very comfortable place to be in rear as a passenger. This is an opportunity not to be missed out on, especially not at no reserve!

Sold For €20,086

Auction The Brundza Collection, Maastricht January 2015
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Lot Number 179
Registration Number EU Taxes Paid
Chassis Number 3320589
Year 1940
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