Lot 152 - 1942 Cadillac Series 75 Fleetwood

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Auction The Brundza Collection, Maastricht January 2015
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Lot Number 152
Reg. Number
Chassis Number 8380003
Year 1942

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For 1941 and 1942 Cadillac offered their entire range of vehicles with the same engine, a 346 cubic-inch eight-cylinder unit that produced a more than adequate 150 horsepower. The Series 75 and Series 67 both offered a style known as the ‘Imperial’ 7-passenger Sedan but one sat on a 136 inch wheelbase while the other had a larger 139 inch wheelbase. These luxurious cars were nonetheless cautiously priced, ranging to the Series 67 at $2,890, while the Series 75 cost $3295. Interestingly, considering that America had just entered WWII, the Series 75 Imperial Sedan proved to be more popular with 757 examples sold versus 210 of its smaller brother.

This very imposing specimen of the 1942 Series 75 looks resplendent in Antique Silver. It has complementing black leather interior in the front compartment, while the rear passengers reclined in fabric-upholstered luxury surrounded by all manner of all luxury fitments including a footrest. The 5.6 litre V8 provided some of the most luxurious and relaxing high-speed cruising of any luxury car of the era. The odometer shows a recorded mileage of just under 87,000 journey miles, which the cars condition goes someway to substantiate and the car is regarded by its current owner as being in “good overall condition”.


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