1951 Cadillac Series 75 Fleetwood body By Derham


Cadillac was the number one luxury American automaker in 1951 and in 1951 the Cadillac Fleetwood Series 75 would represent the fourth generation of that model. Out of the total production of Cadillac’s in 1951, GM made only 1,090 of the Series 75 Sedan, 1,085 units of the Series 75 Fleetwood Limousine that accommodated 7-8 people and the Fleetwood Series 75 business Sedan of which only 30 vehicles were produced.

A vast number of commercial Cadillac’s were produced in 1951 due to high demand because of its quality and design. Around 2,961 commercial chassis were produced of which many were ambulances and hearses. Harley Earl’s design team was responsible for the new 1950′s Cadillac Series 75 look and the 1950′s Cadillac’s were known to have quite a bit of chrome laden glitter.

Founded in 1987 in Pennsylvania and continuing on until 1971, The Derham Body Company survived the longest in the history of all American coachbuilders and were also the only Classic Era coachbuilder to survive the Depression. Coachwork from Derham was well known for their exquisite design but resultantly, they were very pricy and could only be afforded by the rich and famous. Derham bodies were fitted to a wide range of marques and owned by notables such as; President Eisenhower, Pope Pius XII, Joseph Stalin, King Farouk and Garry Cooper. It is also noted that Derham Limousines were used in 15 coronations worldwide.

Provided with a 160 horse power 331 cubic inch overhead valve V8 engine, this example has the three-speed manual synchromesh transmission option with four wheel disc brakes. Factory built with a Derham body, this example is finished in Sable Black with its beautiful and original black leather interior in the front driver’s compartment, and well-trimmed beige upholstery in the rear. As to be expected with most Derham bodied limousines, this wonderful example was owned by a prominent family; the Firestone family.

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