Lot 265 - 1951 Moto Guzzi Motoleggera “Guzzino” 65

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Auction Ascot Racecourse May 2015
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Lot Number 265
Reg. Number
Chassis Number 15110475
Year 1951

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The new Guzzi appeared as a very simple model, both mechanically and by lead: the commands are few and all at hand, although in some cases antiquated (as the accelerator, controlled by a lever on the handlebars, or the change in with hand lever on the right of the tank). The two-stroke engine was a motoleggerissima Mandello displacing 63.7cc and producing 2 hp, enough to push the 45 kg bike to 50 km/h.

The 65 Mandello was an immediate commercial success, but also raced; many were in fact the budding race riders who ran the small Guzzi, including a young Umberto Masetti, who took one to victory in Reggio Emilia in 1947.

The following year, the changes were more numerous: the swing arm was strengthened, while the command of the light was moved to the handlebars, the tail was changed and the sprocket cover increased.

The beautiful Guzzino on offer is a B model and a very rare example due to it being in original condition and unrestored and boasting its original matching number engine and frame. This Guzzino was a surplus stock and remained in the storage for many years, for this reason it has been conserved in this wonderful conditions. This motorbike has a wonderful and fascinating patina that is unrepeatable.


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