Lot 222 - 1953 Fiat 500 C Belvedere

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ESTIMATE £9,000 - £10,500-

Auction Blenheim Palace July 2015
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Lot Number 222
Reg. Number Italian Registered
Chassis Number 446167
Year 1953

+44 208 614 7888

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The Fiat 500, commonly known as ‘Topolino’, manufactured from 1936 to 1955, with the nickname ‘Topolino’ translating to ‘little mouse’.

The Topolino was one of the smallest cars in the world at the time of its production. Launched in 1937, three models were produced until 1955, all with only minor mechanical and cosmetic changes. It was equipped with a 569cc four-cylinder, side-valve, water-cooled engine mounted in front of the front axle, which later became an overhead valve motor. The radiator was located behind the engine which enabled a lowered aerodynamic nose profile at a time when competitors had a flat, nearly vertical grill; this shape allowed exceptional forward visibility. With horsepower of about 13bhp, its top speed was about 53mph (85km/h), and it could achieve about 39.2 miles per US gallon (6.00 L/100 km; 47.1 mpg-imp). The target price given when the car was planned was 5,000 lire; however, in the event the price at launch was 9,750 lire, though since the decade was one of falling prices in several parts of Europe, later in the 1930s the Topolino was sold for about 8,900 lire. Despite being more expensive than first envisioned, the car was competitively priced, and nearly 520,000 were sold.

Three models were produced, with Model C being introduced in 1949 with a restyled body and the same engine as Model B. It and was offered in 2-door coupe, 2-door cabriolet, 3-door wagon and 2-door van versions.

In 1952, Giardinetta was renamed Belvedere, and Model C was produced until 1955. The car offered today is in magnificent condition, with its original interior in perfect form.

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