Lot 139 - 1956 Gaz 12

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Auction The Brundza Collection, Maastricht January 2015
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Lot Number 139
Reg. Number Lithuanian: ZVB 600
Chassis Number M157061
Year 1956

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GAZ (or Gorkovsky Avtomobilny Zavod, which translates as Gorky Automobile Plant), started in 1932 as NAZ, a cooperative enterprise between Ford and the Soviet Union, as a result of a Five year plan, and the desperate need of western investment in the fledgling Soviet economy.

The GAZ-12, was a Soviet limousine produced by the Gorky Automotive Plant between 1950 and 1960, and like most Soviet offerings, was a fairly straightforward copy of an American original. This particular model was inspired by the 1948 Cadillac Fleetwood 61 and the 1947 Buick Super, the car was built to serve mid-rank Soviet Nomenklatura, but also found favour for taxi and ambulance use. Unlike its successors, the GAZ 12 was the only Soviet executive class full-size car that was actually made available for private ownership though an inconceivably tiny number ever found such use.

This example is finished in black with a rather inviting Dove Grey fabric interior, beautiful leather coated steering wheel, and overall appears to be in lovely original condition. This goes some way to justifying the recorded mileage of only 66,254 km on its odometer, though there is little in the history file to substantiate this mileage. This example is a most uncommon opportunity to own a very special and interesting Soviet car, and will repay close inspection.


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