Lot 101 - 1958 Porsche Tractor Mono-cylinder Junior

One Single Family Ownership

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Auction “The Excellence of Porsche” September 2015
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Lot Number 101
Reg. Number EU Taxes Paid
Chassis Number 364

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The Porsche tractor design included a hydraulic coupling between engine and transmission; this distinctive feature of Porsche-Diesel engines was used in tractors until the last model produced in 1963. Engineers in the 1930s believed that farmers in those days were not able to handle a clutch properly when shifting gears. Prof. Dr. F. Porsche produced three prototype tractors in 1934, all equipped with petrol engines. The Porsche diesel engine with its unique air-cooled feature was not quite ready for production.

After WWII, only companies in Germany who were producing farm tractors during and prior to the war were allowed to continue producing those tractors. Since Porsche was not one of these companies, it signed licensing agreements with the German company Allgaier GmbH and the Austrian company Hofherr Schrantz. These two companies used the Porsche engine design and called their tractor Allgaier System Porsche and Hofherr Schrantz System Porsche.

The tractor on offer today is one of the rarest of all the Porsche tractors; this single cylinder must also be one of the most beautifully restored examples. Purchased new from Porsche in 1958, the tractor has been passed down through the generations by a family of farmers who own vineyards in the High Novara province of Italy. Restored and ready for its second owner from new, this tractor is an essential item to complete the perfect Porsche collection.


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