1962 Porsche 356B T6 Karmann Hardtop Coupe


For Porsche, development of the 356 model was an evolutionary process throughout the 1950’s, largely through minor mechanical improvements rather than wholesale styling changes, but in 1959 the model underwent its most significant programme of improvements to date with the introduction of the ‘B’ model (or ‘T5’).

The ‘B’ was easily identifiable by its higher and more substantial bumpers front and rear and more upright headlights. Mechanically the most significant change was the adoption of a new synchromesh gearbox plus the availability of a new ‘Super 90’ high performance option. In 1962 the ‘T5’ model was superseded by ‘T6’ which brought in further improvements including proper fresh air cabin ventilation, an external fuel filler and larger glass area. The model could also be identified externally by the adoption of twin grilles on the engine cover.

For the 1960 model year a new body variant had been introduced, built by coachbuilders Karmann and described as the ‘Hardtop Coupe’ but that would go on to be known by the Porsche community as the ‘Notchback’. Initially built on the T5 platform, the model was simply a Cabriolet with the optional steel hardtop welded in place but with the introduction of the T6 variant in 1962 the bodyshell became a properly developed design with an integral roof structure.

Over the complete 3 year production period only 1048 T5’s and 600 T6’s, like the example here, were built, making the notchback one of the rarest 356 variants available to collectors. In addition, over the decades, many have been ‘chopped’ to convert them into cabriolets with the result that even fewer original notchbacks remain.

This beautiful example is one of the rarer T6 models from the final year of the notchback model’s production and as such benefits from the properly conceived body design that features the desirable ‘twin grille’ specification and practical external fuel filler.

Having led a sheltered life in the dry states of the USA, the car is beautifully finished in the wonderfully period Porsche colour of Aetna Blue with a contrasting dark blue roof that nicely highlights the distinctive roofline of this model.

In addition, it benefits from a Carrera-style rear valance with sports exhaust that adds to the sporting aesthetic. The interior trim is most attractive in matching dark blue with contrasting grey carpets. The car is UK registered and has recently been issued with a fresh MoT test certificate.

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ESTIMATE £65,000 - £75,000-

Auction Blenheim Palace July 2015
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Lot Number 141
Registration Number 153 UYE
Chassis Number 201874
Year 1962
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