Lot 242 - 1965 Fiat 500 F 8 Bulloni Abarth 595 Specification

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Auction Ascot Racecourse May 2015
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Lot Number 242
Reg. Number Italian Registered
Chassis Number 0992372
Year 1965

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In 1965 the Nuova 500 F was introduced as heir to the “D”. The modifications were mostly aesthetic, the most obvious being the removal of the so called “suicide” doors: in 1965 the law was changed in Italy forbidding the manufacturing of cars with door hinges on the rear of the door. The body was also modified in many more ways than meets eye. In reality all that maintained from the “D” was the bonnet and the front of the car. The tank was now larger, its capacity increased to 22 litres, the engine had revised valve timing and delivered 18 hp, the suspension was stiffened and the axle shafts of greater diameter. Even the braking system was enhanced and used bigger brake cylinders. Initially the 500 F used some pieces of the old D, waiting for the introduction of the new parts and also exhausting old stocks of Fiat (which was quite common at the time).

The car we offer here today is a part of that small batch of cars, which are known as the pre F, built from March 1965 to July 1965, this series is different from the latter due to the concealed door hinges that are fixed to the body with 8 bolts. Other important fine details are door handles and window winders constructed of cast aluminium instead of the plastic that was used later, the seats are derived from the D version with supporting rubber bands, headlight rims, front wheels, the support of the front indicators, the grille and hub caps are all aluminium as on the previous version D, and from May 1965 they were being replaced by cheaper material.

This car has been meticulously restored, the mechanics have been restored in their entirety, the brakes are new and the interior. Performance upgrades include sports suspension with crossbow inverted and lowered springs, double acting shock absorbers, steel camshaft, larger valves, Abarth carburettor and exhaust, oversized oil cup. Equipped with Abarth plates and badges the car is ready to use and be enjoyed.


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