1965 Rickman Bultaco 250


As both Bultaco importers and top motocross riders, brothers Derek and Don Rickman helped forge the Spanish company’s growth in the early 1960s. Don Rickman finished 3rd in the 1963 British motocross GP riding a 196ccBultaco-powered Rickman, and that bike would evolve into the 1965 Rickman Bultaco Petite Metisse 250. Unlike the popular Rickman frame kits for Triumph and BSA engines, the Petite Metisse was a complete bike.

In 1966 Bultaco launched the Pursang Metisse Mk. 1. It was a crude copy of the beautiful Rickman, and Rickmans’ relationship with Bultaco ended soon after it was introduced.

A little under 100 Rickman Petite Metisse were built, and although the Rickmans had agreed that they wouldn’t export the machine, a grey market soon developed. American champion Bud Ekins and motorcycle dealer Charlie Hockie imported 24 Petite Metisses (by having the bikes shipped to the US unassembled). The US-bound Petite Metisses were painted in British Racing Green instead of the original yellow.

Finished in canary yellow, this beautiful Rickman Bultaco 250 is in superb condition having been restored by the Italian specialist Malanchini of Bergamo. It is to be sold on a Coys bill of sale.

ESTIMATE £6,000- £8,000

Auction The Carole Nash MCN London Motorcycle Show
Auction Date N/A
Day of Auction N/A

lot details

Lot Number 312
Registration Number TBC
Chassis Number TBC
Year 1965
Make Rickman
Model Bultaco 250

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