1966 Amphicar 770 Convertible

Ex San Marino Museum


Hans Trippel’s experiments with amphibious vehicles began in the 1930s, bearing fruit in wartime in the form of the Volkswagen based Schwimmwagen, more than 14,000 of which saw service with the German Army in World War 2. Trippel revived the concept post-war with the Amphicar (originally called the Eurocar). Necessarily of unitary construction, the cabriolet-style Amphicar was powered by a rear-mounted 1,147cc 4-cylinder Triumph Herald engine driving the rear wheels. A special transmission drove the two propellers that afforded a maximum cruising speed on water of around 6 knots (7mph), with the top speed on land being around 70mph. No special steering gear was required for use on water, the car being steered by the front wheels in the normal way. The design certainly worked, as demonstrated by a well-publicised stunt that saw an Amphicar successfully cross the English Channel from France to England in 1962. However, despite the attractions of its dual capability, the Amphicar was not a commercial success. In what should have been its biggest market – the USA – the Amphicar was handicapped by the many difficulties involved in trying to comply with emissions and safety regulations. Demand for what was essentially a novelty vehicle never remotely approached the 20,000 units projected annually, with only 3,000 or so being built before production ceased in 1968.

This Amphicar was bought from the San Marino Museum in the 1990, but after purchase it remained in the museum until it closed in 2009. A very rare car with unique amphibious capability.

Dieses Amphicar wurde in den 90ern vom San Marino Museum abgekauft, verblieb jedoch nach dem Kauf im Museum, bis dieses 2009 geschlossen wurde. Ein sehr seltenes Auto mit einzigartigen amphibischen Fähigkeiten

ESTIMATE €40,000- €50,000

Auction Techno Classica April 2016
Auction Date N/A
Day of Auction N/A

lot details

Lot Number 223
Registration Number TBA
Chassis Number 106 522 222
Year 1966
Make Amphicar
Model 770

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