1970 Ford M151 ‘MUTT’


The M151 Military Utility Tactical Truck (or MUTT) was developed in the 1950s to replace the previous Willys M38 Jeep. Development contract was awarded to Ford Motor Company. Development commenced in 1951 and first prototypes were completed in 1952 but full time production of the new vehicle commenced in 1960. Initially it was produced by Ford, however later production contracts for the improved M151A2 were also awarded to Kaiser Jeep and AM General. Over 100,000 M151 jeeps and its variants were produced. Also this vehicle was widely exported and supplied to over 100 countries. It saw action during the war in Vietnam and other military conflicts around the world. Production ceased in 1982 but was restarted in 1988 for export customers. Today the M151 remains in service with over 60 countries around the world.
The M151A2 fielded a significantly revised rear suspension that greatly improved safety in fast cornering. The M151 now had Semi-trailing arm suspension and many smaller upgrades including improved turn signals. The A2 can be identified by the large combination turn signal/blackout lights on the front fenders, which also had been modified to mount the larger lights, as opposed to earlier A1’s that had flat front fenders.
This particular lot is offered in excellent condition throughout, and represents fantastic value for money for anyone who is looking to acquire a true head-turning military vehicle that is still in service around the world today!
Offered at No Reserve on 18th May 2019 at Chiswick House.


ESTIMATE £7,000- £8,000

Auction Coys at Chiswick House 2019
Auction Date 18th May 2019
Day of Auction Day 1 - Saturday

lot details

Lot Number 112
Registration Number EU Registered
Chassis Number ZA9151AT0A0A27014
Year 1970
Make Ford
Model M151 ‘MUTT’

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