Lot 155 - 1971 Ferrari Dino 246 GT

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Auction IAA Frankfurt Motor Show September 2015
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Lot Number 155
Reg. Number EU Registered
Chassis Number GT 01706

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It was the need for a production-based engine for the new Formula 2 that led to the introduction of a ‘junior’ Ferrari, the Dino 206GT, at the Turin Motor Show in 1967. Building on experience gained with its successful limited edition Dino 206S sports-racer of 1966, Ferrari retained the racer’s mid-engined layout for the road car but installed the power unit transversely rather than longitudinally.

A compact, aluminium-bodied coupe of striking appearance, the Pininfarina-styled Dino – named after Enzo Ferrari’s late son Alfredino Ferrari and intended as the first of a separate but related marque – was powered by a 2.0-litre, four-cam V6 driving through an in-unit five-speed transaxle.

The motor’s 180bhp was good enough to propel the lightweight, aerodynamically efficient Dino to 142mph, and while there were few complaints about the car’s performance, the high cost enforced by its aluminium construction hindered sales. In 1969 the 206 was replaced by a 2.4-litre longer wheelbase version – the 246GT. The bigger engine provided increased power of 195bhp at 7,600rpm.

Testing the ultimate V6-engined Dino – the 246GT – in 1972, the authoritative American motoring magazine Road & Track enthused: “it is a thrill to drive a car like the Dino, one whose capabilities are far beyond what even an expert driver can use in most real-world motoring, and that is the Dino’s reason for being.

“The real joy of a good mid-engined car is in its handling and braking and the Dino shone as we expected it to. The steering is quick without being super quick, and it transmits by what seems a carefully planned amount of feedback exactly what is going on at the tires. Thanks to the layout’s low polar moment of inertia the car responds instantly to it. The Dino’s cornering limits are very high… Truly a driver’s car par excellence.”

For good reason have collectors recognized that the Dino is a desirable car to own, the first series-produced, mid-engined Ferraris, the Dinos are the root of all successor Ferraris from 308 over to F40 up to the current 488. Unlike later Ferraris the Dino owns a real Formula 2 race engine, barely modified for a longer durability which gives the Dino driver every second a unique driving experience. The same engine shows its potential during the world Rally championship successes of the famous Lancia Stratos. Additionally, the Ferrari Dino with its Pininfarina Body has commonly been voted as the most beautiful Ferrari ever built as seen on the Ferrari Owners website.

One of only 507 246GT M-Series examples, this stunning FIVA Registered 1971 Dino is finished in Yellow (Gaillo Fly) over black. Provided with leather seats and removable headlight covers which were only available as an optional extra. It is currently mounted on 5 spoke 7.5 inch Cromodora wheels that are from its successor the 308, as well as largely unused tires.

# 01706 is also offered here today with its original 6.5 inch Cromodora wheels that are in perfect condition. Additionally the car is provided with its original Jack and service books. 

In 1974 this example was purchased by its current owner, a Dino expert, engineer and founder of the Dino Owners’ Club and Author of the “Dino” Book 2010 from the Motorbuch Verlag. In his caring hands the Dino underwent a high-quality restoration in Germany using original factory parts. Shown in its extensive history file is a detailed account of the work undertaken, including service invoices and numerous photos.

Since restoration, # 01706 has remained part of a private collection and has been very well maintained and only ever driven to select special events each year. Over recent years the car has been perfected with certain components being replaced and its transmission was renewed less than 5,000 kilometres ago.

As a result of its wonderful condition, the Dino has been displayed in several publications such as Motor Klassik 2005 and 2006 and in the “Dino” Book and in in 2012; # 01706 even went on to receive the “Best of Show” award at the Ferrari Meeting in 2012.

Supplied with a thorough history by Ferrari specialist Marcel Massini, and an astounding 2+ condition report from ‘Classic Data Expertise’,  this is a unique chance to buy a delightful Ferrari Dino which has undergone a very hard to fault restoration and been caringly maintained over the past twenty-one years. The next chapter for this 246GT can be spent either in a collection of world class sports cars, as a driver’s car – or both!

Dieser phantastische 1971er Ferrari Dino hat die schöne Farbkombination Gelb (Giallo Fly) mit schwarzer Innenausstattung. Er besitzt einen FIVA Paß und ist einer von nur 507 gebauten Ferrari Dino 246 GT der “M”-Serie.

Der Dino ist ausgestattet mit Ledersitzen und als Extra erhältlichen, abnehmbaren Scheinwerferabdeckungen. Momentan sind 7,5 Zoll Cromodora Magnesiumfelgen vom Nachfolger Ferrari 308 mit neuwertigen Michelin XWX montiert, die originalen 6,5 Zoll Cromodorafelgen in perfektem Zustand sind beim Kauf mit dabei. Zusätzlich werden der originale Wagenheber mit Tasche, sowie die Bordmappe mit Büchern mitgeliefert.

1994 wurde der Dino vom jetzigen Besitzer erworben, Dino Experte, Ingenieur, Gründer des Dino Owners Club und Auto des “Dino” Buchs (Motorbuch Verlag 2010). In seinem Besitz wurde der Dino in Deutschland einer aufwendigen Komplettrestauration unterzogen bei der nur Originalteile verwendet wurden. 

Sämtliche Arbeiten sind mit Bildern und Belegen dokumentiert.

Seit der Restauration wurde  # 01706 als Teil einer privaten Sammlung sehr gut gewartet und nur zu ausgewählten Veranstaltungen jedes Jahr bewegt. Über die Jahre wurden viele Teile erneuert wie z.B. das Getriebe vor weniger als 5000 km.

Aufgrund seines tollen Zustandes ist der Ferrari Dino in diversen Magazinen wie der Titelstory Motor Klassik 6-2005 oder dem “Dino” Buch zu sehen und bekam 2012 den “Best of Show” Preis bei einem Ferrari Treffen.

Das aktuelle CLASSIC DATA Gutachten vom Mai diesen Jahres misst perfekte Lackdicken zwischen 0,2 und 0,9 mm und bewertet den Zustand mit 2 +.

Dies ist eine einmalige Chance einen phantastischen Ferrari Dino zu kaufen, der nicht vergleichbar mit anderen Ferrari Dino zur Zeit auf dem Markt ist! Der Dino ist besitzt eine durchgängig dokumentierten Historie vom Ferrari Spezialist Marcel Massini. Er hat eine sehr aufwendige Komplettrestauration bekommen und ist seit 21 Jahren im Besitz eines Dino Spezialisten.

Aufgrund seines Zustandes kann das nächste Kapitel dieses 246 GT entweder in einer Sammlung von Weltklasse Sportwagen, oder als phantastisches Auto zum fahren oder auch beides sein.


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