Lot 112 - 1977 Volvo 264 Top Executive LWB

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Auction The Brundza Collection, Maastricht January 2015
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Lot Number 112
Reg. Number
Chassis Number 2646MD079370
Year 1977

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The Volvo 264 Top Executive (TA) was produced between 1975 and 1981. The 264 TA (a long wheel base limousine version of the 264) are mostly found in Germany as some were exported to East Germany for use by the President Honecker’s government (which otherwise would have been forced to fall back on the humble Trabant or Wartburg). As a result the population called Wandlitz, the preferred home town of politicians, is nicknamed Volvograd.

These exclusive cars were designed to fulfil the most exacting requirements on comfort, reliability and safety. The 264 TE offered the highest-class comfort of its time. Its plush upholstery and trim is ideally matched by the quality carpeting and the rear seats are equipped with head restrains, special reading lamps and folding centre armrest for added comfort. The rear doors even opened wider than normal, to ensure a dignified presidential entry and exit.

These 264 TE’s are powered by a smooth and powerful 2.7 L V6 engine that were designed to provide Volvo’s well earned reputation for reliability and long service life. The gearbox of course is automatic which makes for ease of use and the car overall makes a surprisingly drivable limousine.

Volvos of course have an enviable reputation for safety and these 264 TE’s are no exception. They contain a remarkable number of safety features which seemed revolutionary at the time such as a collapsible steering column, unusually strong seat anchorages and unusually modern body construction.

The long wheel base allows for an exceptional amount of interior space, with ample room for twin occasional seats in the rear compartment.

In the spacious and comfortable interior there are two occasional seats, which allows the Volvo 264 TE to carry up to six passengers plus a driver. Thanks to the increased wheelbase of the 264 TE, even when the extra seats are folded out, there is plenty of room around the rear seats. The coachwork is finished in Ebony Black which suits the cars shape remarkably well, and also goes well with the interior, which is luxuriously trimmed in Dawn Blue fabric.

This is a very attractive example of an unusual and rather practical modern limousine; the car has plainly led an interesting life as witness the twin flagstaffs on the bonnet.


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