1980 Suzuki ER50 Scrambler


The TS50ER was extremely popular with 16-year-olds and young adults as its simplicity to ride and un-restricted potential power gave many the chance to explore the world of motorcycling. In many cases the TS50ER was so popular during its production era that it became the start of a lifetime of motorcycle enthusiasts.

The -ER model was the predecessor to the later Suzuki TS50X which ended production in 2000.

The TS models remain popular even today and a wide range of aftermarket parts and accessories are still available along with many original parts available in most stores some 27 years after production.

The little ER50 you see here is in excellent and original condition, and we are sure will be huge amounts of fun for the next owner.

ESTIMATE £1,400- £2,000

Auction The Wayne Plit Collection
Auction Date N/A
Day of Auction N/A

lot details

Lot Number 101
Registration Number N/A
Chassis Number TS50X100768
Year 1980
Make Suzuki
Model ER50 Scrambler

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