1989 Porsche 944 Cabriolet

1 of 100 RHD S2 Cabriolets – One owner and 8800 miles from new


Despite it looking like a tuned 924, the 944 was vitally important for Porsche. A new 2.5-litre slant-four engine that was developed from the 928’s V8 proved just what was needed to give the front-engined model a genuine boost. The 944 shared the 924’s profile, looking like a smoothed-out 924 Carrera GT – and that was enough to give the new car genuine road presence. 

Handling and grip were sensational, and deservedly the 944 went on to outsell the 924 – keeping Porsche afloat during the tough years of the early 1980s. Interior revisions in 1985 gave it a swooping dashboard not dissimilar to the Citroen SM, as well as revised door panels. For 1988-’89 – the last year of eight-valve 944 production – the engine capacity rose to 2.7-litres (making it one of the largest four-pots you could buy), improving throttle response even more.

In 1987, Porsche went to town on multi-valve cylinder heads. The 928 S became the 32-valve 928 S4, and the 944, became the 16-valve 944 S. The 16-valve twin-cam head was developed for the 1981 924 GTP Le Mans racer, and on the road going 944, upped power to almost 190bhp. 

For 1989 the range was simplified when the 944 S2 replaced both eight- and 16-valve 944s. A new aluminium engine block reduced weight up-front, while an expansion to 3.0-litres resulted in the power going up by 21bhp. The S2 adopted the smoother nose and tail panels from the 944 Turbo, and top speed for the naturally aspirated car approached 150mph. The Turbo’s braking system was also fitted as standard. For the final two years of production a cabriolet version was offered, proving remarkably popular in the UK.

The 944 Cabriolet we are proud to offer is one of just 100 right-hand-drive 944 S2 cabriolets ever made. A one-owner car from new the car has an astonishingly low mileage of just 8800 miles meaning it is quite possibly the lowest mileage example on the planet. It comes as no surprise therefore that its meticulous ownership has left the car in excellent condition mechanically and aesthetically.  Presented in a crisp white colour with black interior this low mileage, one-owner car is sure to hold its value whilst providing a tidy run-around for the summer months.

Sold For £27,800

Auction Blenheim Palace July 2016
Auction Date N/A
Day of Auction N/A

lot details

Lot Number 126
Registration Number UK Registered
Chassis Number WPOZZZ94ZKN431336
Year 1989
Make Porsche
Model 944

+44 208 614 7888

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