Lot 138 - 1992 Ferrari F40


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Auction “43rd Oldtimer Grand Prix” August 2015
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Lot Number 138
Reg. Number Italian Registered
Chassis Number ZFFGJ34B000093796

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The Ferrari F40 is a mid-engine, rear-wheel drive, two-door coupé sports car built from 1987 to 1992. The successor to the Ferrari 288 GTO, it was designed to celebrate Ferrari’s fortieth anniversary and was the last Ferrari automobile personally approved by Enzo Ferrari. At the time it was the fastest, most powerful, and most expensive car that Ferrari sold to the public. Power came from an enlarged, 2.9 L (2,936cc) version of the GTO’s twin IHI turbocharged V8 developing 478bhp. The F40 did without a catalytic converter until 1990 when US regulations made them a requirement for emissions control reasons. The flanking exhaust pipes guide exhaust gases from each bank of cylinders while the central pipe guides gases released from the wastegate of the turbochargers.

The suspension setup was similar to the GTO’s double wishbone setup, though many parts were upgraded and settings were changed; the unusually low ground clearance prompted Ferrari to include the ability to raise the vehicle’s ground clearance when necessary.

The body was an entirely new design by Pininfarina featuring panels made of Kevlar, carbon fibre, and aluminium for strength and low weight, and intense aerodynamic testing was employed. Weight was further minimized through the use of a plastic windshield and windows. The cars did have air conditioning, but had no sound system, door handles, glove box, leather trim, carpets, or door panels. The first 50 cars produced had sliding Lexan windows, while later cars were fitted with normal windows that could be rolled down.

The F40 was designed with aerodynamics in mind. For speed the car relied more on its shape than its power. Frontal area was reduced, and airflow greatly smoothed, but stability rather than terminal velocity was a primary concern. So too was cooling as the forced induction engine generated a great deal of heat. In consequence, the car was somewhat like an open-wheel racing car with a body. It had a partial undertray to smooth airflow beneath the radiator, front section, and the cabin, and a second one with diffusers behind the motor, but the engine bay was not sealed.

This fabulous, one owner from new example, has been part of a private collection since it was delivered by Motor S.p.A. who is the official Ferrari dealership in Modena, to the vendor on 4th January 1993 (manufactured in December 1992 – this example is one of the last examples produced  – Chassis number 93796). The car has always been stored in a climate controlled garage and has not been driven since 2010. It has just been serviced in July 2015 by the famous Toni Auto in  Maranello (full list of what has been done is in the file) , who is based 20 yards from the Ferrari factory and has over 50 years experience with servicing Ferraris. The car comes with its warranty card, service books, service history, original tools and pouches – everything is complete as it left the factory.

The car was inspected by Ferrari Classische in July 2015 is now awaiting its Certificate which is included in the sale and will be supplied by the vendor as soon as it is ready. This is a catalized car both OEM exhaust and a tubi Style free flow muffler. The seat fabric was changed in 2010 (same colour and factory specification), by Ferrari interior specialist “LUPPI S.A.S” in Modena (invoice on file); the OEM seat’s fabric comes with the car in a bag.

The car’s odometer shows 7,881 kilometres which is the original and correct mileage according to the vendor, and is also confirmed by the service history. This is an outstanding original Supercar which has been beautifully kept and is in excellent condition throughout. These models are one of the most sought after Sports cars of a generation, and represent the finest in the Italian marque’s manufacturing capability, to present a car for the road with racing pedigree in abundance. A fabulous opportunity to acquire a rare sports car from the Super Car era which some say was the best ever!

Dieses fabelhafte Auto mit nur einem vorherigen Eigentümer, ist seit seiner Auslieferung durch Motor SPA (dem offiziellen Ferrari Händler in Modena) Teil einer Privatsammlung gewesen. Gefertigt im Dezember 1992, wurde er dem Verkäufer am 4. Januar 1993 geliefert. Es war klima-kontrolliert untergebracht und seit 2010 nicht mehr gefahren worden. Erst im Juli 2015 ist es durch Toni Auto in Maranello gewartet worden (eine ausführliche Auflistung finden sie in der Akte), welche eine mehr als 50-jährige Erfahrung mit Ferrari-Aufwartungen aufweisen kann. Das Auto wird mit Garantienkarte, ausführlicher Akte und Originalteilen übergeben, komplett wie es aus der Produktion kam. Durch Ferrari Classiche erst im Juli 2015 inspeziert, erwartet es alsbald sein Zertifikat (ist im Kauf inkludiert) und wird vom Verkäufer geliefert sobald es da ist. Dies ist ein katalysiertes Auto mit OEM-Auspuff und freiströmendem Dämpfer. Die Sitzstoffe wurden 2010 ausgetauscht (selbe Farbe und Fabrikspezifizierung). Dies ist ein hervorragendes Auto und ist dem Verkäufer zufolge in einem ausgezeichneten Zustand. Diese Modelle gehören zu den begehrtesten Sportwagen seiner Generation und repräsentieren das Feinste der Produktionsfähigkeit der italienischen Marke, wie die Renngeschichte beweist. Eine fabelhafte Gelegenheit, einen seltenen Sportwagen aus einer Ära an Superwagen zu erwerben, welcher man nachsagt, es sei die beste jemals gewesene!


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