Lot 237 - 2005 Porsche 996 Turbo S

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ESTIMATE €60,000- €70,000

Auction Interclassics Maastricht
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Lot Details

Lot Number 237
Reg. Number EU Registered
Chassis Number WP0ZZZ99Z5S680235
Year 2005
Make Porsche
Model 996 Turbo S

+44 208 614 7888

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The 911 (996) Turbo offers genuine supercar performance in a compact and practical package. The turbocharged version of the 996 appeared in 2000, three years after the normally aspirated 996 had replaced the much loved 993, and was as radical a departure from the 993 Turbo as its, opinion-dividing sister had been. Arriving with four-wheel drive as standard, a water-cooled engine, a smooth new bodyshell and a radically updated cabin, the new 996 Turbo was a thoroughly sophisticated, all-weather, competent supercar and although it went out of production in 2005, in real terms it’s still as quick as anything on the road.

In 2000, Porsche launched the Turbocharged version of the Type 996 for MY 2001. Like the GT3, the new Turbo engine was derived from the engine used in the 911 GT1 and, like its predecessor, featured twin-turbos and now developed 414 hp. Also like its predecessor, the new Turbo was only available with all-wheel drive. In 2002, the X50 package was available that boosted the engine output to 444 hp across a wide section of the power band. With the X50 package, the car could accelerate from 0–100 km/h (0–62 mph) in 3.91 seconds. Later-on toward the end of the 996 life cycle, the Turbo S nameplate also returned with the debut of the cabriolet variant as well. The Turbo S boasted even more power than the regular Turbo courtesy of the X50 package being standard. The Turbo S with a limited production-run and a remarkable top-speed of 189 mph (304 km/h) has become a very collectable car in recent years.

This remarkable Turbo S, not to be confused with the standard Turbo cost a whopping €226,000 new, and only 186 people during its 4-year production run were able to afford and purchase one. Today’s example is offered with a recorded mileage of 87,000km, – not much considering the use that these cars are accustomed to due to their reliability and practicality!


With a mere 186 examples ever built, and only one to this special-order colour, this Lot represents a fantastic investment opportunity.


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