2009 Springer Military ATV

1 of 75 produced – recently returned from the front line in Afghanistan


The Springer is an all-terrain vehicle developed for the UK Army by UK-based Enhanced Protection Systems (EPS). Supporting British troops in Afghanistan, the new vehicle fleet of 75 vehicles was delivered to the army in summer 2009 at a cost of $10.3 million.

Designed as a light role load carriage platform, the Springer is based on the US-made Tomcar “All-Terrain Vehicle”  (ATV) platform. With rear cargo beds to carry loads of up to one ton, which is high in comparison with similar ATVs, the 4 x 2 vehicle can self-load one ton pallet of supplies. Each vehicle is equipped with an 8,000lb self recovery winch and sand ladders, which act as loading ramps for cargo pellet.

1 of just 75 produced, the Springer on offer today is likely to be the first of its type being offered  to the general public. With a fleet development cost of $10.3 million dollars, a single unit had a cost, new, of $137,000. With a estimate of between £17,000 and £25,000 one can’t but help feel this is a great-value purchase. Able in any terrain possible, the Springer is as usable as it is an investment and a piece of history.

Sold For £7,805

Auction The Spirit of Motoring Ascot October 2016
Auction Date N/A
Day of Auction N/A

lot details

Lot Number 347
Registration Number Not Registered
Chassis Number A3XTM57BA81000371
Year 2009
Make Springer
Model Military ATV

+44 208 614 7888

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