Bonnet Canvassed Artwork by Natacha Toutain – Ayrton Senna


Natacha Toutain, who was the daughter of a talented portrait artist, inherited an unrestrained passion for painting from early on in her life, including sculpture, drawing, photography, music, cinema and everything with regard to art in general.

Not only was her father an exquisite artist, he was also passionate about the cinema and her mother was a singer in the coir at the Notre Dame. All of this provided a foundation for her creativity development which began at a very early age.

Like her father, she launched into portrait painting and very quickly achieved success. She painted icons from around the world and took a keen interest in those from American cinema. Some of her more preferred models included the likes of Marylin, Clint Eastwood, Steve McQueen, Sharon Stone, Brigitte Bardot and the French star Alain Delon with whom she exhibited in 2012 at Fouquet’s.

She also had a great passion for painting animals, and to name a few of her favourites she painted horses, felines and birds of prey, of which she made special collections. She had such huge success that she became a very prominent figure in the art world, the centre of which being Paris, and organized exhibitions in the most fashionable places of the capital.

She was selected in 2007 by Artprice and the Figaro amongst a number of other prominent artists. Through her career she has received numerous special requests from of the great leaders of the twenty-first century including the King of Morocco, the King and Queen of Jordan and the Royal family of Monaco to name a few.

She is best known today for her paintings of Steve McQueen, who she painted with a number of the blue chip items from his car and motorcycle collection.

Fille d un dessinateur de talent,NATACHA TOUTAIN a hérité dès son plus jeune âge d un gout immodéré pour la peinture ,la sculpture le dessin, la photo, la musique,le cinema  et tout se qui touche a l ART en général. Son père artiste dans l âme et passionné de cinema ,sa mère chanteuse dans les coeurs de Notre Dame,tout cela a fourni un terrain plus que favorable a l épanouissement de sa créativité. Comme son père ,elle se lance dans le portrait ,et a très vite du succès.elle peint les icônes du monde entier et particulièrement celles du cinema américain,MARYLIN, CLINT EASTWOOD,STEVE MCQUEEN,SHARON STONE…etc…et français tel ALAIN DELON , avec qui elle expose en 2012 au Fouquets, BB un de ses modèles preferes.

Mais elle a aussi une grande passion pour les animaux qu’elle peint également, surtout les Chevaux, les Felins et les Rapaces, elle en a fait une collection à part….

Ainsi elle expose dans les endroits les plus branchés de la capitale !!

Elle a été sélectionné en 2007 par Artprice et le Figaro  parmi les 1000 artistes de l année!!

On lui commande aussi les grands de ce monde , tel le Roi du Maroc,,le Roi et la Reine de Jordanie et la famille royale de Monaco pour ne donner que quelques exemples…

Elle est surtout connue aujourd’hui pour ses peintures de STEVE MCQUEEN, qu’ elle peint avec ses voitures et ses motos…

The two magnificent pieces we are proud to offer today, depict two icons of the last two decades. Using a Ferrari bonnet panel as a canvas she portrays perhaps the most iconic Formula 1 driver of them all, Ayrton Senna. Locked in his ever-present thoughtful gaze, what better fitting tribute is there to a legend of motorsport than on the bonnet panel of the famous Ferrari marquee.

ESTIMATE €20,000- €25,000

Auction 2016 mondial de l'automobile paris
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