Lot 154 - 1966 Jaguar S-Type

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Auction Syon Park
Auction Date 13th October 2018
Day of Auction

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Lot Number 154
Reg. Number TBA
Chassis Number TBA

+44 208 614 7888

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The Jaguar S Type was a technically more sophisticated development of the Jaguar Mark 2, offering buyers a more luxurious alternative to the Mark 2 but without the size and expense of the Mark X. The S-Type sold alongside the Mark 2, as well as the Jaguar 420 following its release in 1966. The S-Type’s most important advance was the adoption of independent rear suspension similar to that of the E-Type sports car and Mk10 saloon. As well as the usual improvements to roadholding and ride quality associated with IRS, the new set-up enabled Jaguar’s designers to move the rear seats back 3”, creating more leg room. Other interior changes included fresh-air heating and ventilation system seats of a new style. There was also a much larger boot, similar in shape to the Mk10’s, offering an impressive 20cu ft of luggage space compared to the Mk2’s 12cu ft.

No new engines were developed for the S-Type. It was first released with the SU HD-8 twin-carburettor variant of the 3.8-litre XK engine, the same as that which powered the 3.8-litre Mark 2.

Presented in overall good condition, this S Type would benefit from a little cosmetic attention in some areas but would be a rewarding project for any enthusiast.


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