A collection of motoring art


A collection of motoring art, including a 1996 Coys Silverstone auction advertisement poster, mounted and framed; an Historic Grand Prix Cars Association poster for the Historic Association 100 Donington race, 15-16 October 1988, by F. Sienna, 99 of 100, mounted, framed and glazed; an Automobile Design Studies: drawings of 5 cars, by Gardiner from August 1980, mounted, framed and glazed; Rolls Royce Silver Spirit: promotional advert in front of Palace, side profile, mounted, framed and glazed; 2 Black and white drawing of racing car, one of racing pit stop (refuel and tyre change) and the other of the racing car on track, un-mounted. The largest poster measuring 95 x 70cm. (50-70 GBP)

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