James Bond novels by Raymond Benson


Hodder & Stoughton
1997 -2002
First Edition novels by Raymond Benson
In 1984 Raymond Benson wrote James Bond The Bedisde Companion which was a celebrated report on the Bond books and films up until then. After John Gardner retired from writing the Bond continuation novels due to contracting esophageal cancer, the Ian Fleming Estate approached American Writer Benson to carry on. Benson’s initial books had large print runs to accomodate what was expected to be a popular series. Alas Benson’s novels were not well recieved and consequently over time the publication runs became less making the books more and more collectable. Includes Zero Minus Ten (1997) Tomorrow Never Dies film novelisation (1997), The Facts of Death (1998), High Time to Kill (1999), The World is Not Enough film novelisation (1999), Doubleshot – SIGNED by the author (2000), Never Dream of Dying – SIGNED by the author (2001), Die Another Day film novelisation (2002), The Man with the Red Tattoo – SIGNED by the Author (2002) Mint

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