Thoroughbred & Vintage at Fontwell House

An Important Auction of Fine Historic Automobiles

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Fontwell, Arundel, BN18 0SX

Date 12 Sep 2019
Time 3:00 PM

Wednesday 11th September from 12.00pm to 6.00pm
On the day of the sale from 10.00am to start of sale

Location Fontwell, Arundel BN18 0SX
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Thoroughbred & Vintage at Fontwell House 2019 RESULTS

LOT 101

1972 Range Rover

In late 1963 Rover’s director and general manager, A.B. Smith, asked Bernard Jackman to come and talk about ‘breaks’. Wondering slightly about the spelling, Jackman drove to Solihull, and...
LOT 102

2004 Mini Cooper S Track/Hillclimb Car

The notion that the Mini might have a future as anything other than basic transport was an anathema, the idea of a high-performance version was laughable. One man though,...
LOT 103

1967 Volkswagen Type 3 Squareback

The ultra-rare VW Type 3 is relatively unknown even to diehard VW fans. With an uber-reliable, air-cooled flat-4 and an interior that impresses, this is a car worth noting...
LOT 104

Registration Number ROS50

The registration number ROS50.
LOT 105

1979 Mini 1100 Special

One family ownership from new

The 1100 Special was launched in August 1979 to celebrate the Mini’s 20th anniversary. Unlike most that came before, the 1100 Special was cosmetically and mechanically upgraded. Powering the...
LOT 106

1952 Morris Minor

The Morris Minor debuted at the Earls Court Motor Show, London, on 20 September 1948. Designed under the leadership of Alec Issigonis, more than 1.3 million were manufactured between...
LOT 107

1936 Ford Model Y Van

body-off restoration

The Model Y was produced by Ford Britain, Ford SAF and Ford Germany from 1932 to 1937. It was the first Ford automobile specifically designed for markets outside the...
LOT 108

1978 Triumph Stag Mark II

2 owners, 36,000 miles

Stylish, fast and practical, the Stag began life as a Triumph 2000-based styling exercise by Italian carrossier Giovanni Michelotti. A 2+2 convertible, Michelotti’s design featured a quad-lamp grille and...
LOT 109A

1997 TVR Cerbera

The TVR Cerbera was manufactured between 1996 and 2003. The name is derived from ‘Cerberus’, the three-headed beast of Greek legend that guarded the entrance of Hades. The car...
LOT 109

1955 Allard Atom Speedway Racer

The Allard Atom originated through Wimbledon Speedway promoter and World Champion, Ronnie Greene who also went on to help with the development of the car. He discussed the idea...
LOT 110

1962 Fiat Abarth 850 TC Tribute

Abarth began in business, like so many other motoring concerns in post-war Italy, modifying small capacity cars from Fiat. When the latter introduced the Nuova 500, and then the...
LOT 111

1952 Bristol 401

With the introduction of the 401 - the first of its exquisitely styled Aerodynes - Bristol began to move away from the pre-war design the company had inherited from...
LOT 112

1993 Porsche 968 Coupe

The 968 came directly from the 944 but towards the end of its development, Porsche needed a more modern motorcar with which to present the advances that were coming...
LOT 113

1970 Mercedes-Benz 280 SL Pagoda – with manual gearbox

In March 1963 the new generation of SL sports cars was launched with the debut of the 230 SL at the Geneva Show. This revolutionary new model replaced the...
LOT 114

1979 Lotus Esprit S2 – ex. Carlos Reutemann

In 1970 Tony Rudd, who had arrived at Lotus the previous year, proposed two new model development projects. The first, Project M50, resulted in the 1974 Elite. The second,...
LOT 115

1972 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia Convertible

The Volkswagen Karmann Ghia was produced between 1955 and 1974, with some 360,000 coupes and over 80,000 cabriolets made. What is certain is that it was the most beautiful...
LOT 116

1972 Rolls-Royce Corniche

ex. Keith Moon of The Who

Legendary rock drummer Keith John Moon left school by 15 to join his first band, The Beachcombers. By the age of 18, he had joined a local London band,...
LOT 117

1969 Alfa-Romeo Junior Zagato

Alfa Romeo produced just 402 Zagato Coachbuilt examples of the 1600 Junior Z between 1972 and 1975, of which just 121 cars are known to exist in the Zagato...
LOT 118

1969 Jaguar E-Type Series II Fixed Head Coupe

Two Owners From New

The first significant upgrade of Jaguar’s sensational E-Type sports car took shape in October 1964 with the launch of the 4.2-litre version. Along with the bigger, torquier engine came...
LOT 119

1990 Aston Martin Virage 6.3 Wide Body

Shown at the 1988 Birmingham Motor Show in Coupe form, with first deliveries in 1990, the sensational new Virage re-stated its forerunner’s muscular looks in the modern idiom, slightly...
LOT 120

1994 Dodge Viper RT-10

The first generation Dodge Viper was manufactured from 1991 until 1995 under the Chrysler brand. Lamborghini helped with the design of the 8.0 L V10 engine developing 400hp. This...
LOT 121

1972 Ford Mustang Mach 1

Ford first used the name “Mach 1” in its 1959 display of a concept called the “Levacar Mach I” at the Ford Rotunda. This concept vehicle used a cushion...
LOT 122

1992 Porsche 964 Targa

The Porsche 964 is the company’s internal name for the Porsche 911 manufactured and sold between 1989 and 1994. Designed by Benjamin Dimson in 1986, it featured significant styling...
LOT 123

1951 Lancia Aurelia B50 Cabriolet

Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance prize winner - Believed to be the 1951 Geneva Motor Show Car

Designed by the great Vittorio Jano, the Lancia Aurelia was worthy of the imagination and standards of Vincenzo Lancia. Alongside the unitary construction Aurelia B10 saloon, Lancia produced a...
LOT 124

1958 MGA Roadster – First in Class Le Mans Classic 2018

By the time Le Mans came around the design of what would be known as the MGA had effectively been finalised, the race itself being little more than a...
LOT 125

1980 Aston Martin Lagonda

The launch of the Aston Martin Lagonda at Aston Clinton in October 1976 marked a return of the Lagonda name which had remained largely dormant since the Rapide model...
LOT 127

1986 Ferrari 328 GTS

Debuted at the 1985 Frankfurt Auto Show, the Ferrari 328 was the second model in Ferrari’s long and popular line of mid-engine V8 sports cars, continuing through the upcoming...
LOT 128

1964 Mini Cooper S Specification Race Car

By 1963 the BMC Competition department knew what they wanted to do with the Mini. Their efforts culminated in the 1963 Austin Cooper S and Morris Cooper S. Besides...
LOT 130

1974 Jensen Interceptor Mk III

£40,000 recently invested

The Jensen Interceptors were hand-built at the Kelvin Way Factory, West Bromwich near Birmingham between 1966 and 1976. The Interceptor name had been used previously by Jensen for the...
LOT 130A

1950 Jaguar XK120 Roadster

The Jaguar XK120 caused an absolute sensation when it was launched at the 1948 Motor Show. In the post-war era of rationing, general austerity and hardship it came as...
LOT 131

1932 Alvis TJ 12/50 Ducks Back

The 12/50 was withdrawn between 1929 and 1930 when the company decided that the future lay with the front-wheel drive FD and FE models, but when these did not...
LOT 132

1961 Porsche 356B Cabriolet

Although few would have realised it at the time, the 1948 launch of the Porsche 356 was a significant milestone in automotive history. It marked the commercial birth of...
LOT 133

c.1958 Falcon Shells 1100 Sport

Falcon Shells was founded in 1956 by Peter Pellandine following his amicable split with Keith Waddington of Ashley Laminates. It was originally based at 23 Highbridge Street, Waltham Abbey...
LOT 134

2014 Fiat Abarth 695 Edizione Maserati

The Abarth 695 Edizione Maserati is a limited edition convertible with only 495 examples made in total. The exterior and interior styling of the cars takes many hints from...
LOT 136

1962 Austin Healey 3000 Mark II

The enlargement of its C-Series six-cylinder engine to 2,912cc, and the adoption of Girling front disc brakes, differentiated the new-for-1959 Austin-Healey 3000 from the preceding 100/6. In 3000 form...
LOT 137

1995 Bentley Continental S

A completed pre-production Continental R (developed under the codename “Nepal”) was secretly taken to Switzerland for a surprise launch of the model at the 1991 Geneva Motor Show (It...
LOT 137A

2003 BMW B10 Alpina V8S

Since 1983 Alpina has been recognized by the German Federal Ministry of Transport as an automobile manufacturer, thus Alpina-built cars are branded and registered as Alpina instead of BMW,...
LOT 139

1961 Chevrolet Corvette

in current ownership for over 25 years

In the early 1950’s, a team of GM engineers, headed up by Harley Earl, went to work trying to create a car that had the appeal to compete with...
LOT 140

1987 Ferrari 328 GTS

Registration: Chassis Number:“If the sublime purity of the original shape has been corrupted, its striking appearance...
LOT 141

1993 Aston Martin Virage Volante

The Virage was Aston Martin’s replacement for the decades-old V8 models and introduced at the Birmingham Motor Show in 1988. This V8-powered car was intended as the company’s top...
LOT 142

1953 Bentley 4 ½ Litre Tribute

In 1951, a 4 1⁄2-litre, 4.6 L (4,566 cc/278 cu in) version of the engine was introduced. The increase in displacement was accomplished by increasing the bore from 3...
LOT 142

1953 Bentley 4 ½ Litre Tribute

In 1951, a ​4 1⁄2-litre, 4.6 L (4,566 cc/278 cu in) version of the engine was introduced. The increase in displacement was accomplished by increasing the bore from 3...
LOT 143

1958 Jaguar XK150 Drophead Coupe

The bleak years after 1945 were, unsurprisingly, an era when great sports cars were somewhat thin on the ground. A shining exception was the mighty Jaguar XK series, yet...
LOT 144

1988 Ford Escort RS Turbo

The ‘Series 2’ Escort RS Turbo (produced between 1986-1990) was in many ways a much better car than the Series 1. New features were adopted for the Series 2...
LOT 145

1991 Porsche 964 Cabriolet

The Porsche 964 is the company’s internal name for the Porsche 911 manufactured and sold between 1989 and 1994. Designed by Benjamin Dimson in 1986, it featured significant styling...
LOT 147

1952 Daimler Barker Special Sport

The Daimler Special Sports is based upon the post war DB18 chassis with several important modifications, the most notable being an overdrive gearbox, high ratio differential, hydro/mechanical brakes, alloy...
LOT 148

1981 DeLorean DMC-12

restored to a very high standard

John Z Delorean’s superb track record as a General Motors Executive was beyond dispute, and it was in large part this reason which convinced the British Government to make...
LOT 150

2000 Maserati 3200 GT

The Maserati 3200 GT was styled by Italdesign whose founder and head, Giorgetto Giugiaro, previously designed, amongst others, the Ghibli, Bora and Merak and so certainly had the pedigree...
LOT 151

1987 Lotus Esprit Turbo HC

When you bring out the new flagship of a supercar range and it only has 215bhp, you better have either a good sense of humour or a very good...
LOT 152

1966 Volvo Amazon

Named after the formidable female warriors of Greek mythology, the Volvo Amazon was unveiled in 1956, and was a marked departure in appearance from its fastback siblings, the PV444...
LOT 153

1989 Jaguar XJS “Koenig”

The XJ-S had been under development since 1968 and as a 2+2 fixed head coupe was intended as a replacement for the now legendary E-type. From the beginning it...
LOT 154

1979 MGB GT

restored at a cost of over £33,000

The MGB was first introduced in May 1962 as a direct replacement for the MGA. Performance was brisk with power supplied by a 1,798cc four cylinder iron block engine...
LOT 155

1982 Range Rover EFI

rare in Left Hand Drive

The Range Rover was greeted enthusiastically by both press and public on its arrival in 1970, offering comfortable cruising at 90mph and a greater off-road capability than most of its...