Interclassics Maastricht

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MECC Maastricht
Forum 100, 6229 GV Maastricht

Date 11 Jan 2019
Time 2:00PM

Viewing Thursday 10th – Sunday 13th January during Show hours
Lots 101-137 on Friday 11th January 2019 

Auction at 2:00PM
Lots 201-262 on Saturday 12th January 2019
Auction at 2:00PM

Location Maastricht, The Netherlands
Admission Admission by Catalogue (Admits Two)
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Interclassics Maastricht 2019 LOT LIST

1970 Mercedes-Benz 280 SL

ESTIMATE: €80,000-€100,000

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‘Some cars don’t change, they just get better. The Mercedes-Benz 280SL, latest version of a line that began as the 230SL in 1963, is the same as ever, just better,’ concluded Road & Track after testing a 280SL in 1968....

1989 BMW Z1 Motorsport

Unique example displayed by BMW to celebrate 100 year anniversary

ESTIMATE: €30,000-€35,000

The first BMW Z1 (Z standing for Zunkuft, German for future) was shown at the 1987 Frankfurt Motor show. Initial demand was so strong that 5,000 orders were placed before production even began. The...

1992 Ferrari 348 TB

8,500 KMs from new

ESTIMATE: €60,000-€70,000

Introduced at the 1989 Frankfurt Motorshow, the Ferrari 348 was a truly innovative design. Utilising a robot-welded sheet-steel monocoque that not only broke with Maranello tradition but also brought considerable gains in torsional rigidity and dimensional accuracy. The newcomer...

1976 Porsche 911

ESTIMATE: €50,000-€60,000

After 1973, it was decided that the 2.4 litre wasn’t really fast enough for the 911, with the impending American emissions standards threatening to slow the model down to the point that ordinary Cadillac’s would smoke its droopy...

1975 Alfa-Romeo 2000 GTV

ESTIMATE: €23,000-€26,000

The 2000 GTV was introduced in 1971 as the replacement for the 1750 range. Once again the engine was rationalised throughout the range with its displacement increased to 1962cc by changing the bore and stroke.


Externally the...

1989 Volkswagen Golf 2 Rallye

ESTIMATE: €12,000-€18,000

The Golf Rallye really is something quite special. Just 5,000 were built to satisfy FIA homologation requirements for the 1990 World Rally Championship and although the best VW had to show for its efforts was a solitary third place...

2000 Porsche 911 Millenium Coupe

One of 911 produced

ESTIMATE: €30,000-€40,000

The Porsche 911 (996) was first introduced in 1997 and represented a dramatic (and controversial) change for the company as it was the first water-cooled 911. The 996 was the first truly modern 911 - drive a 993 today...