Dear Chris,
I just wanted to commit to paper my gratitude for all your (and your teams efforts) with regard to the Classic & Sports Car Show this year. As you know, we have never previously had an auction partner and I was blown away by the way (and speed with which) you and your team bought into what we wanted to achieve from the outset and how you all contributed so much more to the event that simply providing a superb auction.

With hindsight we probably had quite a lot of nerve asking you for so much on top of the auction, whether it was putting on your own parades or the time you all did on the microphone, but I think that all of that helped cement the perception that Coys truly is at the centre of the event. For which I am both delighted and grateful, and especially pleased that you had such a successful auction.

As a final note, I would like to commend the helpfulness, efficiency and professionalism of yourself and your staff. Every single member of your team that I met, without exception, was an absolute delight to work with and made my own show vastly easier, so please pass on my thanks to them all.

So thank you once again, I hope to see you again soon and I very much look forward to working with you in the future.

Best wishes
James Elliott
Group Editor
Classic & Sports Car