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Year 1966
Make Ferrari
Model 275 GTB 6C - Right Hand Drive


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Successor to the 250 Series and first seen in 1964, the Ferrari 275 embodied a number of technical innovations. While the chassis of the 275GTB coupe and 275GTS convertible followed Ferrari’s established practice, being a multi-tubular frame tied together by oval main tubes, for the first time on a road-going Ferrari there was independent rear suspension, the latter employing a double wishbone and coil-spring arrangement similar to that of the 250LM sports-racer. Also new was the rear-mounted five-speed transaxle combining the gearbox and differential – the former now of the all-synchromesh type. Now enlarged to 3.3 litres, the Colombo-designed 60-degree V12 engine produced 280bhp at 7,600rpm. A higher – 300bhp – state of tune employing six Weber carburettors was available, and this was used for the handful of aluminium-alloy bodied 275GTB/C (Competizione) models built, though customers purchasing a 275GTB for road use could also specify aluminium coachwork and/or the six-carburettor engine.

Designed by Pininfarina and manufactured by Scaglietti, the 275GTB body is true classic of sportscar design. Yet despite the 275GTB’s exquisite appearance, stylistic revisions were not long in coming: a longer nose, enlarged rear window and external boot hinges being introduced towards the end of 1965. The prototype Series 2 ‘long nose’ was built on chassis number 7707GT and the last ‘short nose’ on ‘07827GT’. Approximately 250 of the latter were built.

This rare right-hand drive, UK-delivered example is now available from a British collection where it has sat alongside a number of other significant 12-cylinder Ferraris. The 275 on offer has a long and well known history and is ready to be viewed in our Richmond Showroom. Please enquire for more information on this vehicle.