The Carole Nash MCN London Motorcycle Show

London’s first dedicated world-class motorcycle-only auction

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Excel Centre
Royal Victoria Dock
1 Western Gateway
London E16 1XL

Date 13 Feb 2016
Time 2:30PM

Friday 12th February from 9.00am to 5.00pm
Saturday 13th February from 9.00am to 2.30pm

Location Excel Centre, London, UK
Admission Admission by catalogue only (admits two to auction)
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The Carole Nash MCN London Motorcycle Show 2016 RESULTS

LOT 101

c.1964 Moto Morini 125cc Corsaro Veloce

Founded in 1937, Alphonso Morini’s company built two-stroke lightweights at first before developing a range of fast, overhead-camshaft roadsters during the 1950s. By the decade’s end they had...

LOT 102

1972 Yamaha R5 350

This Yamaha R5 350 was imported from the US in 2014. It is in original condition and is a running bike but may need a little fettling particularly...

LOT 103

2001 Bimota DB4

Just 1km!

Introduced in 1998 and powered by the V-twin from the Ducati 900SS of the time, Bimota chose to fuel the DB4’s 904cc desmo motor via twin 38mm Mikuni...

LOT 104

1975 Honda CB400F

Although not officially sold in the UK, Honda introduced its 347cc 34bhp CB350 Four in 1972. At the time it was the smallest ever mass-produced multi. Its replacement,...

LOT 105

1972 Norton 750 Commando Interstate

First registered 4th Oct.1972 here in the UK this matching number 750cc Interstate was subject to a comprehensive restoration in 2013 by Peter Thorne of Aspire Restorations, Oxfordshire....

LOT 106

1974 Kawasaki MC1M 90cc

This off-road version of the MC1 fitted with knobby tires was built for junior riders, or big kids alike features a 90cc 2 stroke single cylinder rotary disc...

LOT 107

c1970 Jawa Speedway 500cc

This well presented Jawa speedway bike from circa 1970 has a two valve 500cc engine fitted that has been recently refurbished with all new bearings by the previous...

LOT 108

1966 Norton 500 Dominator

This 500cc Norton was rebuilt in 2014 by an ex Associated Motorcycles employee who purchased the bike as project. This work included a top end engine rebuild in...

LOT 109

1959 Royal Enfield 700 Constellation

This matching number Constellation was first registered here in the UK on the 20th July 1959. We have the original buff logbook from ’59 showing the bike was...

LOT 110

1987 Suzuki Katana 1100

The radical Katana’s design was attributed to Hans Muth ex-chief of styling for BMW motorcycles. The pre production design was a 650 cc model called the ED-1 (European Design...

LOT 111

1974 Honda MT250 K0

This original Honda MT250 K0 came from a private collection in Michigan USA, and was imported to the UK last year. The bike has been running recently, and...

LOT 112

1980 Yamaha RD350LC 4L0

This 1980 RD350 is in original  unrestored condition, however the engine has been recently rebuilt with a reconditioned crankshaft, new crankshaft seals and re-bored barrels with Wiseco...

LOT 113

1970 Honda CB750 K0

This CB750K0 diecast engine model is in beautiful original condition, and still retains all its correct parts. This a good candidate for either a light cosmetic restoration or...

LOT 114

1955 Ceccato 100 Bialbero GP

Based in Vicenza in north east Italy, Cecatto manufactured small capacity two- and four-stroke motorcycles from 1947 to 1962. In 1949 Pietro Ceccato received drawings of a 75cc...

LOT 115

1987 Ducati 750 F1 B

Introduced in 1985 the Ducati 750 F1 was a street version of the TT1 race bike that had run so successfully in the ‘Battle of the Twins’ class...

LOT 116

1994 Bimota SB6 1100

In 1994 Bimota wrapped their delicious racing frame around Suzuki’s awesome 154 bhp GSXR1100 motor and then clad it in carbon fibre/fibreglass bodywork to create the SB6R. MCN,...

LOT 117

1971 BSA A65 Flat Tracker

Registered June 1971 this A65 Thunderbolt was converted to this Flat Tracker styling a few years ago. The original matching number engine had the bottom end rebuilt by...

LOT 118

1982 Honda CX500 Turbo

The world’s first proper turbocharged production bike, the CX500 Turbo, was launched in 1982. Based on the relatively unglamorous middleweight CX500, with its transverse 8-valve, pushrod 80° v-twin...

LOT 119

1981 Kawasaki Z1300

Although considered the ultimate ‘autobahn stormer’ of the day, the Z1300’s size and appreciable running costs meant it sold in limited numbers, particularly in European markets, but its...

LOT 120

1936 Rudge 250 Sport

Rudge motorcycles were manufactured from 1911 to 1946, and the Birmingham firm was highly regarded for its innovative engineering solutions. Rudge enjoyed a string of successes at the...

LOT 121

1994 Honda RVF750R RC45

It started well for Honda in the World Superbike Championship. A VFR750R (RC30) took the first two titles in 1988 and ’89, but then Ducati took a hat-trick...

LOT 122

1986 Cagiva GP500 Tipo C10

Ex Joan Garriga and Raymond Roche

The 1980s were exciting times for 500cc GP racing, when names like Spencer, Gardner, Lawson, Rainey, Mamola and Schwantz battled for supremacy on ferocious, over-powered two-stoke machines that would...

LOT 123

1973 Ducati 750 Sport Road Race Special

The 750 GT was an instant success for the company and it was clear all along that a sporting version of this touring bike was on its way,...

LOT 124

1937 Rudge Special 500cc

Rudge motorcycles were manufactured from 1911 to 1946, and the Birmingham firm was highly regarded for its innovative engineering solutions. Rudge enjoyed a string of successes at the...

LOT 125

1957 Ducati 125 GP Bialbero

Having joined Ducati from Mondial in 1954, Ing. Fabio Taglioni’s first project was to design and develop what became the 98cc Grand Sport. This pushrod OHC single-cylinder racer,...

LOT 126

1960 Triumph T120 Bonneville

The Triumph Bonneville needs no introduction, simply the most iconic post War British production motorcycle ever built. Developed from Edward Turners brilliant T100 /  T110 Triumph design...

LOT 127

1974 Yamaha RD250

This 1974 RD250 is a truly ‘frozen in time’ example. Having been recently imported from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania USA where it had 2 owners. The USA climate being a...

LOT 128

1976 Suzuki GT380

This 1976 UK Model GT380 comes from a collection in Norfolk. it is in all original except for the seat cover, and was last run in 2014.


LOT 129

1990 Bimota YB9 aSR

Founded in Italy in 1973 by three giants of the motorcycle industry Bianchi, Morri and Tamburini, hence the name BI-MO-TA, the company specialised in producing bespoke motorcycles based...

LOT 130

c.1955 Moto Guzzi 580cc Race Bike

Not much is known of the previous history of this Guzzi Club racer, we understand that the engine capacity was increased to 580cc and that it has been...

LOT 131

1925 Fongri 575 Sport Lusso

With the layout pioneered by British maker Douglas, the longitudinally-mounted flat twin engine is a rare beast in motorcycling. That said, in the earlier years of the 20th...

LOT 132

1973 Laverda 3C 1000

During the late 1960s and early 1970s Laverda faced intense competition, not just from the Japanese makers with their flashy multi-cylindered superbikes, but also from more local rivals...

LOT 133

1929 Ulster

Ex Willie Wilshire

Rudge-Whitworth found their move into motorcycle production a natural development, like many other long standing bicycle manufacturers. In 1911 the first production models appeared and some technically advanced...

LOT 134

1953 MV Agusta 125 Monoalbero Corsa

MV Agusta won the first of its 37 World Championships in 1952 when Cecil Sandford won the 125cc title. At the time many of MV’s Italian customers were...

LOT 135

1959 MV Agusta 235 Tevere

Having started motorcycle production in late 1945 with a 98cc two-stroke, Count Agusta’s Meccanica Verghera (MV) introduced its first production four-stroke road bikes, a pair of 175 models,...

LOT 136

1985 Yamaha YZ490

Yamaha introduced the fearsome YZ490 in 1982 as the replacement for the YZ465. Hakan Carlqvist’s factory YZ465 had won the 500cc World MX Championship in 1983, but that...

LOT 137

1984 Kawasaki GPz750 Turbo

Manufactured for two years from late 1983, the GPz750 Turbo was Kawasaki’s retort to the turbo machines already launched by its three Japanese rivals. Whereas the Honda, Suzuki...

LOT 138

1973 Honda CB750 K2

That the first CB750 of 1969 was a seminal machine is undisputed. With a 736cc SOHC transverse four engine and a front disc brake it was hailed by...

LOT 141

1978 Ducati 900SS

In 1926 Antonio Cavalieri Ducati and his three sons, Adriano, Marcello, and Bruno Cavalieri Ducati; founded Società Scientifica Radio Brevetti Ducati in Bologna producing electrical components. In 1935...

LOT 142

1938 Rudge Ulster

Rudge motorcycles were manufactured from 1911 to 1946, and the Birmingham firm was highly regarded for its innovative engineering solutions. Rudge enjoyed a string of successes at the...

LOT 143

1976 MZ 125 Delfin GP

If any one company should take credit for the two-stroke engine’s complete dominance in Grand Prix racing from the mid 1970s to the early 2000s, it’s MZ. During...

LOT 144

1933 Montgomery JAP 350 ‘Works Racer’

Built as the Works entry by Montgomery for the 1933/4 Junior TT to be ridden by Francesco Franconi possibly supported by Rowland Smith of Hampstead.

It is similar...

LOT 145

1954 CM 250 SS

Although during the difficult post-war years Italian streets buzzed almost exclusively to the sound of small domestic single-cylinder two-stroke motors, two-cylinder two-stroke two-wheelers were virtually non-existent.

Bradford’s Scott...

LOT 145A


This Desmosedici was supplied by main agents Ducati Gent of Belgium in 2008, an RR model it is a replica of the Moto GP Team bike ridden by...

LOT 146

2006 Benelli 1130/3 Tornado Superstock

2nd in Class 2006 Bol d’Or

This is the Benelli Tornado Factory Superstock ‘Works’ bike, frame number 2 that was campaigned through the 2006 / 2007 season. It came second at the rigorous 24...

LOT 147

1917 Wanderer 620cc V-Twin

Wanderer motorcycles were manufactured in Chemnitz, Germany from 1902 to 1929. The Wanderer Company also built high-quality bicycles and cars, as well as typewriters and mechanical calculators. Wanderer...

LOT 148

1971 BMW R75/5 “Imola” Specification

Not to be confused with BMW’s original 750cc sidevalve R75 from WW2, the R75/5 boxer twin was manufactured from 1970 until 1974. The /5 series was the first...

LOT 149

1961 Ducati 250 Trialbero prototype

Having joined Ducati in 1954, Ing. Fabio Taglioni’s first project was to design what became the 98cc Grand Sport. This simple pushrod OHC machine was successful in national...

LOT 150

1971 Laverda 750 SFC replica

With an engine that looked much like that of the Honda 305 Superhawk, the first Laverda big twin was the 650 introduced in 1968. Keen to make an...

LOT 151

1981 Honda CBX1000

In 1969 Honda stunned the motorcycling world with the launch of the first modern superbike, the 68hp CB750 four. Fabulous though it was, its thunder was stolen three...

LOT 152

1916 Henderson 4-cylinder Model F

In October 1911 the Henderson Motorcycle Company of Detroit announced a new 4-cylinder, 56 cubic inch (918cc) 7hp motorcycle. Twenty-five were to be ready for sale at $325...

LOT 153

1943 BMW R75 Afrika Korps Military Sidecar

The BMW R75 sidecar outfit that the Wehrmacht used so effectively and in such great numbers in every theatre of its operations during WW2 was no mere sidecar...

LOT 154

1939 Rudge 500 Sports Special

Rudge motorcycles were manufactured from 1911 to 1946, and the Birmingham firm was highly regarded for its innovative engineering solutions. Rudge enjoyed a string of successes at the...

LOT 155

1955 Parilla 175 Bialbero, ex works

Giovanni Parrilla built his first motorcycle in 1946, dropping his surname’s second ‘r’ to call the machine a Parilla. Parrilla ran a business on the outskirts of Milan...

LOT 156

1997 Ducati 996 SPS / JHP Corsa Special

This genuine 1997 Ducati 996 SPS was taken to Ducati tuning specialist JHP (see ducaticoventry.com) in 2000 when it had just 980 miles on the clock. It was...

LOT 157

2006 Benelli Tornado Tre 1130 Endurance, ex works

In the 2006 Benelli invested a significant sum of money (500,000 reputedly) to participate in 2007 World Endurance Championship – a championship not completed by Benelli due...

LOT 159

1917 Excelsior IOE 1000cc

Excelsior motorcycles were produced by the Excelsior Motor Manufacturing Company of Chicago, Illinois from 1907 until 1931, latterly under the ‘Super-X’ brand name. The first Excelsior was a...

LOT 161

1921 Harley–Davidson Model WJ

The Harley-Davidson Model W, also known as the Sport Twin, was made by Harley-Davidson from 1919 to 1923. Harley-Davidson’s intention in introducing a new middleweight model was to...

LOT 162

1914 Clyno

Clyno was founded in 1909 by cousins A. P. Smith and F. W. A Smith in in Thrapston, Northants. They exhibited their first machines – an AJS-powered 3hp...

LOT 163

1955 Ariel Square Four G MKII

Another of Edward Turner’s innovative designs the Square Four was shown as early as 1930 at the Olympia Motorcycle Show. Originally an overhead-camshaft 500cc, it developed into a...

LOT 163A

1999 Ducati Factory 996 RS Superbike

The ex Troy Corser 1999 Ducati Corser Racing Superbike Team

From 1999, there were three different models of the 996: a base, or Biposto; the 996S with Öhlins suspension and the engine of the 996SPS (Europe only) and...

LOT 164

1912 BAT TT

Founded in 1902, the BAT Motor Manufacturing Co. Ltd was named after founder Samuel Robert Batson. Based in Penge, South London the first Bat motorcycle used a small...

LOT 165

1927 Brough Superior 680

Factory records show this 1927 overhead valve 680 left the Brough Superior works at Hayden Road Nottingham on 30th December 1927. The 680 was one of the best...

LOT 166

1956 Mondial 250 GP Bicilindrica

One-Off Prototype

Fratelli Boselli (the FB in FB-Mondial) was established between the wars by Count Guiseppe Boselli and his three brothers. The firm produced 3-wheeler cars up until 1939, but...

LOT 167

1950 Vincent Rapide Series C – One of only 107 produced

Just 107 of these ‘Chinese Red’ Vincent Rapides were produced by the factory and exported to the USA. They were distributed by the Indian Sales Corp. who had...

LOT 167A

1953 Moto Guzzi Motoleggera “Guzzino” 65

The new Guzzi appeared as a very simple model, both mechanically and by lead: the commands are few and all at hand, although in some cases antiquated (as...

LOT 168

1996 Ducati 916 SP3 – Limited edition number 178 of 497

The Massimo Tamburini designed Ducati 916  is probably the most influential motorcycle design of the last 30 years, it was a game changer in so many ways,...

LOT 169

1958 Linto 500 GP

The Linto 500 was the brainchild of the famous Italian engineer Lino Tonti. Having worked for Benelli, Mondial and Bianchi, Tonti had already designed a few Grand Prix...

LOT 170

1983 Ducati TT2 600

Genuine period Verlicchi frame

The 1980 Factory prepared Ducati TT2 was based on the production Pantah engine increased to regulation limit of 597 cc with a bespoke frame weighing just 7 kg....

LOT 171

1979 Honda CB750 Phil Read Replica

In November 1976 Honda introduced the CB750F2. It had larger valves than previous models, peaky camshafts and developed a healthy 73bhp. So, when Phil Read rode an 820cc...

LOT 172

1955 MV Agusta 175 Squalo Bialbero, ex works

Having started motorcycle production in late 1945 with a 98cc two-stroke, Count Agusta’s Meccanica Verghera (MV) introduced its first production four-stroke road bikes, a pair of 175 models,...

LOT 173

1969 Ducati 350 Racer

This Ducati 350cc single cylinder racer bike has been constructed to a very high quality with many special parts and has had much recent restoration work. It includes...

LOT 174

1983 Harley-Davidson XR1000

The Harley-Davidson XR1000 was a street version of the legendary XR750 that so dominated flat track racing in the USA in the 1970’s and 80’s. Built for just...

LOT 175

1985 Honda VF1000R

When Honda unleashed the VF1000R, it set the world alight. Derived directly from Honda’s AMA Formula 1 winning race bike, the FWS1000 racer. The technology was outstanding, with...

LOT 176

1953 Moto Morini 175 GT

Founded in 1937, Alfonso Morini’s company built two-stroke lightweights at first before developing a range of fast four-stroke roadsters during the 1950s, the first of which appeared at...

LOT 177

1954 Ducati 125 Sport

Ducati Motor Holding S.p.A. is an Italian company that designs and manufactures motorcycles. Headquartered in Bologna, Italy, Ducati is owned by German automotive manufacturer Audi through its Italian...

LOT 178

1952 Capriolo 75cc Racer

Capriolo, later called Aeromere, was the name of the motorcycle production arm of the Italian aircraft company Aeromere or Aero-Caproni. After World War II, the victorious Allies prohibited...

LOT 179

1954 MV Agusta 175CSS Squalo

MV Agusta’s factory race team had been developing four-strokes for some years and in 1952 achieved its first major international success when Cecil Sandford secured the 125cc World...

LOT 180

1959 Vespa GS 150

The original “sport” scooter of the 1950s, the Vespa GS 150 was introduced in 1955 and ushered in a new era of sophisticated touring scooters with elegant styling...

LOT 181

1956 Vespa VL3T 150 Struzzo

Finished in the classic combination of beige with a brown saddle, this stunning Vespa has been restored in 2010 to concours condition, and is described as being in...