The London Classic Car Show

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National Hall, London Olympia
Hammersmith Road
Hammersmith, London
W14 8UX

Date 22 Feb 2020
Time 2:00 PM

Thursday 20th February from 4.30pm to 9.30pm
Friday 21st February 10.00am to 6.00pm
Saturday 22nd February 10.00am to start of sale

Location London, UK
Admission Admission by Catalogue (Admits Two)
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The London Classic Car Show 2020 LOT LIST

1965 Lancia Flaminia 3C GTL

ESTIMATE: £70,000-£90,000

At the 1957 Geneva Motor Show the replacement for the legendary and highly successful Lancia Aurelia was revealed. Named the Flaminia, after a famous Roman road (just as the Aurelia and the Appia had been), it made a profound...

1968 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow

full service history from new

ESTIMATE: £10,000-£15,000

Aside from a more modern appearance and construction, the Silver Shadow introduced many new features such as disc brakes instead of drum brakes and independent rear suspension rather than the ageing live axle design of previous cars. The superb...

1987 Mercedes 500SL

ESTIMATE: £15,000-£20,000

The SL’s of this era (the 107 chassis) really established themselves as icons of quality and success on the Continent as well as the Americas; unlike the previous SL range, these cars were rugged and durable and could accumulate...

1997 Ferrari 550 Maranello

ESTIMATE: £55,000-£65,000

Firmly placed in Ferrari’s history as one of their finest big GTs, the 550 Maranello’s combination of its elegant Pininfarina lines and legendary front mounted 12-cylinder engine, meant that these cars had the potential to become instant classics, following...

1989 Porsche 911 Speedster

ESTIMATE: £90,000-£110,000

In 1989 Porsche reintroduced one of their most iconic body styles – the Speedster. This uncompromising variant had not been offered since 1959 – at a time when 356’s were rolling out of the factory and the 911 was...

1970 Maserati Ghibli 4.9 SS Spyder

Coachwork By Ghia - 1970 London Motor Show Car - One of Four Built


“To quote the late Peter Coltrin who was among the first non-works personnel to ride in a Ghibli: “The Ghibli differs from many cars of the same performance in that it is as equally suited to going to the...

1999 Maserati 3200 GT

ESTIMATE: £9,000-£11,000

The Maserati 3200 GT was styled by Italdesign whose founder and head, Giorgetto Giugiaro, previously designed, amongst others, the Ghibli, Bora and Merak and so certainly had the pedigree behind him. Sold mainly in Europe, the 3200GT shared the...