The Wayne Plit Collection

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Date 11 Aug 2018
Time 5PM
Location Steyn City, Midrand, South Africa
Admission Admission by Catalogue (Admits Two)
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The Wayne Plit Collection 2018 LOT LIST

1980 Suzuki ER50 Scrambler

ESTIMATE: £1,400-£2,000

The TS50ER was extremely popular with 16-year-olds and young adults as its simplicity to ride and un-restricted potential power gave many the chance to explore the world of motorcycling. In many cases the TS50ER was so popular during...

1974 Vespa 150 Sprint

ESTIMATE: £1,700-£2,300

Vespa Sprint is a 150cc, 2 stroke scooter made by Piaggio from 1965 to 1976.

The scooter came in two different versions. Early models, called the Vespa Sprint, were made until 1974. Later models, called the Vespa Sprint...

1971 Honda 1300 Coupe 9

ESTIMATE: £5,200-£5,800

Quote from Sports Car World June 1971

“Four cylinders ... fair enough. Air-cooled? Well, it’s been done. Transversely-mounted engine? That’s been done, too. Forced-induction air-cooling? Not all that new. Front-wheel drive? Not new. Four carbs on a four-banger?...

1973 MGB GT Anniversary

ESTIMATE: £8,800-£10,000

In May 1975 Abingdon produced 750 specially prepared MGB GTs to celebrate what British Leyland thought to be the MG Car Company’s fiftieth anniversary of the production of MG Cars. However as MG historian Wilson McComb points out...

1980 Suzuki OR50 Chopper

ESTIMATE: £1,300-£1,600

“Whopper of a chopper” is actually what Suzuki’s playful slogan was for the OR50 – also called the Mame-Tan in the home market of Japan. It’s a rare mini chopper with a two-stroke, 49cc engine that put down...

1981 Mazda RX7 Rotary

ESTIMATE: £10,500-£11,500

The Mazda RX-7 is a sports car that was produced by the Japanese automaker Mazda from 1978 to 2002. The first RX-7 featured a 1,146 cc (69.9 cu in) twin-rotor Wankel rotary engine and a front-midship, rear-wheel drive...