The Wayne Plit Collection

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Date 11 Aug 2018
Time 5PM
Location Steyn City, Midrand, South Africa
Admission Admission by Catalogue (Admits Two)
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The Wayne Plit Collection 2018 LOT LIST

1968 Fiat 2300S Coupe

Rare RHD Restoration Project

ESTIMATE: £14,000-£17,500

It may bear the humble badge of Fiat, but this Ghia designed grand tourer has absolutely nothing to be humble about. The coachbuilt luxury car was the coupe version of Fiats executive 2300 saloon and it was aimed...

1973 Maserati AM120 Khamsin Prototype

ESTIMATE: £133,000-£144,000

The Khamsin was introduced on the Bertone stand at the November 1972 Turin Auto Show. Designed by Marcello Gandini, it was Bertone’s first work for Maserati. In March 1973 the production model was shown at the Paris Motor Show. Regular production of the vehicle...

1950 Jaguar XK120

With period competition history

ESTIMATE: £116,000-£127,000

Jaguar XK120 caused an absolute sensation when it was launched at the 1948 Motor Show. In the post-war era of rationing, general austerity and hardship it came as a stunning vision of what the future might hold. It...

1995 Yamaha Virago Classic

ESTIMATE: £2,200-£2,600

The Yamaha Virago was Yamaha’s first V-twin cruiser motorcycle, and one of the earliest mass-produced motorcycles with a mono-shock rear suspension. Originally sold with a 750 cc (46 cu in) engine in 1981, Yamaha soon added 500 cc...