Zoom 2017

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InterContinental Hotel London Park Lane
Park Lane
Mayfair, London

Date 03 Feb 2017
Time 6:30PM
Location InterContinental Hotel London Park Lane, London, UK
Admission RSVP to rachel.gardner@coys.co.uk
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Claire Williams


Family Dinner

“In Formula One everything moves so fast that it’s hard to find the time to sit down with family and friends and enjoy a nice meal together. That’s what makes this time release image from Belgium so special.”

Gene Haas


Behind the Scenes

“This was taken on my visit to Haas Europe, which is in Brussels. This is the showroom where Haas CNC machine tools are available for demonstration to customers. I spent most of the Monday there following the...

Romain Grosjean


Digital Detox

“The perfect view from our rented vacation house in Corsica during the August shutdown. We relaxed as a family, safe in the knowledge there was no phone signal, meaning zero interruptions!”

Graeme Lowdon


Drawing Damon

“Motor racing involves spending lots of time on long flights and a couple of years ago I decided to do some pencil drawings to help pass the time. This is a sketch of 2009 World Champion Jenson Button...