Zoom 2017

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InterContinental Hotel London Park Lane
Park Lane
Mayfair, London

Date 03 Feb 2017
Time 6:30PM
Location InterContinental Hotel London Park Lane, London, UK
Admission RSVP to rachel.gardner@coys.co.uk
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Zoom 2017 2017 LOT LIST

Adrian Newey


The Road Ahead
“This was a picture i took whilst driving through the Stellenbosch area of South Africa touring from vine- yard to vineyard! The car is an old Bentley kindly loaned by a friend who lives in South...

Nico Hulkenberg


What a View

“I took this photo during my summer break in Majorca. I climbed this mountain from the very bottom to the top as part of my training. It was a tough session, but I still had some time...

Felipe Massa


Friends Forever

“Me and Jenson during the drivers parade in Monza, where I announced my retirement from Formula One. We’ve been racing together for almost 15 years now! I will definitely miss going wheel-to-wheel with him.”

Ted Kravitz


Mission Control

“Yas Marina circuit, Abu Dhabi: 6.49pm. Nico Rosberg has just driven what he described as ‘the most intense race’ of his life to finish second, and win the 2016 Formula 1 World Championship. In the cool-down room, Bernie...

Jonathan Palmer


Wash and Go

“I was really struck by this scene when in Mexico for F1 this year, so took a photo from our car. This guy worked in a flash, was happy in his work and there was a particularly...

Nico Rosberg


The Italian Job

“The podium in Monza was a very emotional moment. My first victory there, everywhere the incredible Tifosi. We sung together, which was pure goosebumps-feeling. Afterwards I asked Sebastian if we could do a selfie together with our physios....

Karun Chandhok


American Flyers

“We go to a lot of races around the world and a lot of them have planes flying over which is amazing to see. The Americans of course like to do things differently to Europe and while we were...